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ScreenShots: Software Description: The PDF Editor for Windows You’ve Always Wanted. What’s the bestprogram to edit PDFs? This kind of software is really hard to find.Online tools can’t be trusted with sensitive information; a freePDF editor for download is often too basic in functionality andbuggy; good paid apps from top industry leaders will cost you

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ScreenShots: Software Description: LockXLS makes formulas and VBA code unavailableto your customers, adds various registration options – generateshardware based Computer Code, creates Activation Code to unlock theworkbook on your customer’s PC, customizes the messages shown tocustomers during registration. The locked workbook may have a trialperiod and a splash screen. Also it will be converted to

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ScreenShots: Software Description: FinePrint is a software application that’ssupposed to optimize the document printing process and thus helpyou save ink and paper by using an innovative preview window. Just like expected, the program will act like a virtual printer onyour computer, so in order to access its interface and features,you have to hit the ‘Print’

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Personal Timeclock helps you keep track of timeyou’ve spent on your computer, or the time you’ve worked forclients. Time is charged to one or more “projects” by “punching in”when you begin work on each project. Projects may be grouped intodifferent “categories.” The Reporter can then produce billinginformation, or compute the percentage of

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ScreenShots: Software Description: LibreOffice is a powerful office suite – itsclean interface and feature-rich tools help you unleash yourcreativity and enhance your productivity. LibreOffice includesseveral applications that make it the most powerful Free and OpenSource office suite on the market: Writer (word processing), Calc(spreadsheets), Impress (presentations), Draw (vector graphics andflowcharts), Base (databases), and Math (formula

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Total CSV Converter is a reliable tool forconverting CSV and TSV files to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, XLSX,DBF, XML, JSON and a variety of OpenOffice formats. The program wasdesigned to be convenient and user-friendly. Loaded with helpfulcustomization options, the Total CSV COnverter doesn’t just convertyour files to a different format, it

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ScreenShots: Software Description: A4ScanDoc is a simple and useful softwaresolution that provides you with a simple means of scanning multipledocuments.With its user-friendly interface, you have the possibility toquickly save the scanned documents to BMP, TIFF, JPG or PNGformat. Here are some key features of “A4scanDoc”:– Supports image formats: scan to TIFF, BMP, JPEG,PNG– Scan settings: user-friendly

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ScreenShots: Software Description: pdfMachine is an intuitive application designedto edit and send PDF files via email. It addresses all types ofusers, regardless of their experience level.The interface of the program is clean and rather intuitive. PDFfiles can be loaded into the working environment by using only thefile browser, since “drag and drop” is not supported.Aside

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Kindlian provides a comfortable way to manageyour Kindle library. It copies all your books to PC and allows tocreate collections, organize, search and sort books. You can chooselibrary layout and colour-scheme that better fits your style. Youcan view and edit book data like title, author, cover, series anddescription. Kindlian contains built-in ebook

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Qoppa PDF Studio is apowerful, yet easy to use PDF creator, converter, and editor. Youcan work with existing PDF documents created by other sources orcreate your PDF documents from other formats, scan-to-PDF and OCRor create PDF forms. You can then markup text, add annotations,headers and footers, bookmarks, stamps with text and images,