Coolutils Total CSV Converter v3.1.1.181 Cracked


Software Description:

Total CSV Converter is a reliable tool forconverting CSV and TSV files to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, XLSX,DBF, XML, JSON and a variety of OpenOffice formats. The program wasdesigned to be convenient and user-friendly. Loaded with helpfulcustomization options, the Total CSV COnverter doesn’t just convertyour files to a different format, it lets you make improvementsalong the way. For example, with the Total CSV Converter you’llalso be able to:
– Convert large volumes of CSV files fast and with minimaleffort.
– Set your own delimiters or skip the rows you don’t need.
– The option saving feature lets you save the settings of jobs thatare frequently performed for faster implementation.

With its clear, intuitive interface the Total CSV Converter isaccessible to users of every skill level. For beginners, we’veincluded a helpful onboard wizard that assists with locating filesand setting up new jobs through an easy to use GUI. For advancedusers we’ve included support for handling conversion via thecommand line.

Don’t take our word for it though, give it a try. We’re currentlyoffering a free 30 day trial version to let potential users get abetter idea of how useful the Total CSV Converter can be. Sodownload your copy today and see why we are the #1 developer ofrobust conversion solutions.

Key features:
– Supports both CSV and TSV files
– Output formats include JSON, DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, XLSX, DBF,XML
– Specifies a delimiter
– Filters files by various criteria
– Manages large files easily
– Keeps folder structure
– Both GUI and command line
– Windows 8 compatible
– ActiveX and Server version

Installer Size: 16.3 MB

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