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Software Description:

Tekla Structural Designer is revolutionarysoftware that gives engineers the power to analyze and designbuildings efficiently and profitably.
Fully automated and packed with many unique features for optimizedconcrete and steel design, Tekla Structural Designer helpsengineering businesses to win more work and maximize profits. Fromthe quick comparison of alternative design schemes through tocost-effective change management and seamless BIM collaboration,Tekla Structural Designer can transform your business.

One product, one interface, one model
From scheme design all the way through to detailed design, onesingle model will cover all your structural analysis and designrequirements, encompassing both gravity and lateral systems. WithTekla Structural Designer there are no additional modules to buyand you will not waste time switching between multiple softwarepackages to achieve your final design solution.

A revolutionary approach
Unlike traditional analysis software, with Tekla StructuralDesigner you can create physical, information-rich models thatcontain all the intelligence needed to fully automate the designand manage project changes. Achieve faster design times andmaximize profitability.

Seamless BIM integration
Because you are creating a single model with a single data set, BIMintegration is smooth and effective. Collaborate seamlessly,instantly assess the impact of changes and deliver a more optimizedsolution to your client.

Loading & analysis:
Automated wind loading
We understand how painful it can be to apply loading so we havemade it easier for you. Full building wind loads are automaticallycalculated and applied to your model, saving your time on this longwinded and complex task. And there is no need to worry about allthe other lateral loading required by the design code because TeklaStructural Designer takes care of these for you.

Unique analysis
Tekla Structural Designer automatically generates an underlying andhighly sophisticated analytical model from the physical model,allowing you to concentrate on the design. Regardless of themodel’s size or complexity, the software’s powerful analyticalengine and many unique features will save you time by accuratelypredicting the building’s design forces and overallperformance.

Finite Elements
The software incorporates a highly powerful Finite Element (FE)engine. Whether you are considering an irregular concrete flatplate with openings, or a complex core wall system, you can takeadvantage of fully automated FE meshing tools and lightning fastanalysis to explore their behavior.

Total transparency
Reviewing analysis data is very important. Despite being fullyautomated, Tekla Structural Designer offers completely transparentanalysis results so you can investigate the design forces, exploredeflections and view all the calculations, giving you completeconfidence in the design results.

Structural design:
Fully automated
Optimize multi-material buildings, in steel or reinforced concrete,in a fraction of the time. Tekla Structural Designer includes allthe critical information needed to provide a fully automated designto your chosen building code. Regardless of complexity, you candesign all members and consider the overall 3D building design inone seamless process.

Tekla’s unique approach to combining analysis and design means thatyou will not need to spend time processing analysis data. Thisintegrated approach also enables you to manage changes effectivelyand provide fast response times to your clients.

Efficient reinforced concrete design
The software will instantly achieve an optimized design for allrebar within the beams, columns, slabs, flat plates and walls. Oncedesigned, detailed reinforcement drawings and accurate materialquantities are automatically generated for the whole building,meaning you can provide cost options early in the designprocess.

Optimized steel design
Tekla Structural Designer will design all the steelworkautomatically, based on the engineer’s specific requirements. Thisincludes the detailed design and optimization of composite beams,columns, US joists, trusses, braces and plated sections. Maximizeyour efficiency and achieve the optimum design at the touch of abutton.

Compare design schemes
It takes just a few minutes to create a range of alternativeschemes and establish the most cost effective solution for yourclient. You can become more competitive and bid more effectivelywith minimal effort.

Professional output
It is easy to communicate your design because Tekla StructuralDesigner automatically produces  accurate and detaileddocumentation including calculation reports, material take offs anddrawings. Reinforcement drawings for the entire building ortonnages of steel for estimating, all available in a touch of abutton.

Real-time information
Because the single model contains all the design information, youcan generate documentation and make informed decisions at any stageof the project, starting at very early scheme design. Thecalculation reports are linked directly to the model, so theyupdate automatically. This means you can manage changes instantly,removing the need to generate new reports manually when variationsoccur.

Range of export options
Whether you wish to provide beam reactions or bracing forces to thecontractor or prepare calculation reports for submission, TeklaStructural Designer enables you to export data to a wide range offile formats. Increase communication and reduce the risk oferrors.

BIM integration
Designed with BIM in mind
Tekla Structural Designer has been developed specifically to helpthe design engineer maximize collaboration with other projectparties, including technicians, fabricators and architects. Itsunique functionality enables you to integrate the physical designmodel seamlessly with Tekla Structures or Autodesk® Revit®, and toround-trip without compromising vital design data.

Intelligent synchronization
For total flexibility and to save valuable design and draftingtime, the model can start life in Tekla Structural Designer, oralternatively in Tekla Structures or Autodesk Revit.

You can synchronize models multiple times with confidence,throughout the project lifecycle. Tekla Structural Designerprovides powerful and unique auditing tools to highlight exactlywhat has been added, changed or deleted during integration. Thisreduces the risk of errors and ensures you are kept fully informedduring the integration process.

Installer Size: 362 MB

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