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Software Description:

Data visualization, statistical analysis and modeling software.Scientific and educational software applicationLeoDataAnalysis is targeted for the broadest rangeof customers from students till scientists and data analysts. Ithas very mild limits on the size of data to operate.


Import Data Series:
Copy/paste from MS Excel or other table like sources.
Read text file.
Analyze image manually or automatically and import data innumerical form.
Read from MS Access database.

Data Modification:
Ability to analyze more then one data series (tables)simultaneously.
Modify values of parameters in data series by user defined formulasor by incorporated simple schemes.
Purge data outside defined ranges.

Visualization of data and statisticalanalysis:
Calculating matrix of correlations for all parameters in dataseries and visually presenting them as a table of x-y charts.
Building histograms of variable distributions comparing them withStudent, Erlang and Poisson probability densities. There is anoption to calculate distributions conditioned to other parametersas well a probability that selected data is not random subset. Thestate of art algorithm permits automatically find conditionscorresponded to most non-incidental subset of data.
X-Y chart of two variables with an ability to implement a varietyof curve fitting schemes:
like least square approximation, fit wit custom formula, harmonicanalysis and others.
Distribution of two variables presents as three dimensionalhistogram or of iso-surfaced color map.
A value as function of two parameters are presented in formperspective projection on the screen of its three dimensionalcoordinates with ability to change user point of view.
Linear and parabolic multivariate regression more then twoarguments.
Near neighbors method for multivariate estimation of value on thepremise that closest in multidimensional space points have alikevalues.
Local search in multidimensional space best fitting coefficientsfor user defined formula of two or more arguments.
Calculation of probability (score) for chosen variable (consideredas a response) to be more then given value for defining the pool ofprospective customers in market research and followed advertisingcampaign.

There is an option to instantly create a MS Word document or HTMLpage with a result chart and results of statistical analysis.
A calculation of value for the given set of arguments for activestatistical scheme when available (few logical exclusionsapplied).
Usage of active statistical scheme to produce fitting values forarray of arguments contained in text file. There is an option tosort results and save them as a text file that can be used forprediction including selection of most perspective leads(consumers).

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