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Software Description:

Remote Shutdown was developed to help networkadministrators and IT specialists centrally manage power forcomputers and computer groups on a local area network. Using thistool, network administrators can carry out bulk shutdown, bulkrestart remotely for selected computers or groups.

Here are some key features of “RemoteShutdown”:
– Allows system administrators to simplify remote shutdown, remotereboot for single computers or computer groups on their LAN.
– Custom groups. Users can independently create their own computergroups and carry out power operations on these groups.
– Perform power management operations on all machines at once.Tasks are carried out simultaneously on all computers selected bythe user, significantly reducing the time taken to performoperations individually on all machines.
– Works on domain and workgroups. The application can work withcomputers in a domain or workgroup.
– Power management tasks recorded in a log. Users see operationprogress for each computer and the status of operationsperformed.

Installer Size: 2.4 MB

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