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Software Description:

Lazy Nezumi Pro is a Windows app that helps youdraw smooth, beautiful lines, with your mouse or pen tablet. Itworks with many of your favorite art programs, including Photoshop,Illustrator, and Flash.

Position Smoothing
Lazy Nezumi Pro offers 3 different position smoothing modes, forwhich you can easily control the amount.
– Pulled String: great for slow, detailed work with sharpcorners.
– Moving Average: great for more dynamic work, with curved linesand soft corners.
– Exponential Moving Average: capable of massive amounts ofsmoothing, great for long curves.
Catch Up is an option available for MA and EMA modes. When this isenabled, your line will automatically catch up to your pen’sposition when you stop or lift it.

Pressure Processing
Lazy Nezumi Pro offers 4 different pressure processing modes tohelp you tame your line dynamics.
– Fixed Value: for constant pressure lines.
– Sample & Hold: locks the pressure for the rest of the line, aftera few samples.
– Moving Average: for subtle to moderate amounts of responsivesmoothing.
– Exponential Moving Average: for subtle to massive amounts ofsmoothing.
Combine Position and Pressure Smoothing for perfectly taperedlines! Say goodbye to shoelace line endings!

Pressure Curve
Lazy Nezumi Pro allows you to easily modify your tablet’s pressureresponse curve. You can now reach the maximum pressure valuewithout crushing your expensive tablet and pen nibs! And if youfeel like experimenting, you can even invert the curve, so thatpressing harder will give you a thinner line.

This powerful feature allows you to alter the shape of your lineswhile you draw (including pressure and rotation parameters), inalmost any way imaginable! Choose from one of the many pre-definedmodes, or define your own custom programs using a simple scriptinglanguage!

Line Constraints and Rulers
The Constraint Mode scripts can help you master technical drawing!With these rulers, you can have your lines automatically snap toellipses, radial lines, or even perspective systems! Overlay guidelines will help you optimize your workflow by removing all theguess work!

The Scripting engine can even draw by itself! Using simple rulesand instructions, you can easily define complex shapes and fractalsthanks to the L-System functions. Combined with your hostapplication’s brush settings, this creates an incredibly versatiledesign tool!

Pressure Speed Scaling
Have you ever wanted to control the thickness or opacity of yourline with the speed of your pen? Well now you can! This featurelets you define how much pressure gain should be applied based onhow fast you are drawing. This can add a lot of character to yourlines, and is also great for calligraphy!

Smart Settings
Lazy Nezumi Pro has many other useful features and settings thatwill make your life easier.
– Tilt and Rotation Smoothing: for cleaning up your brush-tipeffects if you have an Art Pen.
– Customizable Shortcuts: global keyboard shortcuts for mostsettings.
– Custom Cursor: use a custom cursor in your art app, or hide it(while drawing or completely).
– Stay On Top: keeps the window visible when not active, so youdon’t have to hunt it down all the time.

Extensive Compatibility
Lazy Nezumi Pro works with tablets that support the Wintab API, andthe new System Stylus (Windows Ink) API for Win8/10. This includesWacom, Surface Pro, Trust, Monoprice, Genius, HUION, Yiynova andUC-Logic. The Hook Window feature allows you to use Lazy Nezumi Proin almost any art application! But if you happen to find anunsupported app, contact us, and we will try to make it work! Ifyou use Photoshop, you will benefit from plugin integration. Thiswill allow you to choose which tools should bypass Lazy Nezumi Prooperations, to save you from having to turn it off and on again allthe time when switching tools.

Unlimited Presets
Need different settings for different drawing styles? No problem!Most of the features mentioned above can be configured and saved toa custom hotkey-enabled preset. Lazy Nezumi Pro comes with stockpresets to get you started, and you can easily create your own andshare them with friends! Be sure to check out the Presets page fornew custom presets!

Mini Mode
If you’re using a screen tablet or don’t like using keyboardshortcuts, switch to Mini Mode for quick 1-click access to yourpresets! The window will automatically shrink when not in use, soyou can keep it visible without it taking too much of your screenreal estate.

Installer Size: 9.4 MB

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