Arclab Web Form Builder v4.11 Cracked

Arclab Web Form Builder is a professionalapplication designed to enable you to design web forms.

Arclab Web Form Builder makes it easy to create HTML forms, phpforms and email forms. The visual workspace lets you fill the formwith all types of form elements and allows a seamless integrationinto your website and corporate design. Build and design contactforms, registration forms, multi-page forms, feedback forms andother web forms using a visual environment without any coding orknowledge of php/HTML.

The usage is very simple, add the placeholder keyword to yourweb page and let the program do the rest. Add text input,multi-line text input, drop-down lists, date input, checkboxes,radiobuttons, multi-select input, pre-filled input fields (e.g. forcountry selection) and many other fields in a visual environmentwithout any coding knowledge.

The program also includes a captcha as challenge-response test toensure that the form was filled out by a human and not by a bot.The program will generate a single php file, which contains all theform-pages and the required processing script. The form does NOTrequire Javascript or Cookies.

The generated form is based on HTML and PHP, which should becompatible with most webservers. There is no additionalinstallation on the server required. The form can be uploaded on asingle click using the internal ftp routines or your upload the phpfile by yourself

Here are some key features of “Arclab Web FormBuilder”:
– No Coding required
– No Javascript required
– No Cookies required
– No Installation on the Web Server required,
– just upload a single php File.
– Create single- and multi-page Web Forms
– Seamless Integration into your Web Page
– Form runs on your Web Server
– Email Form Content as Text, HTML, XML
– Multi-Style Captcha (human challenge-response) included

Setup+Crack Size: 12.8 MB

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