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Software Description:

memoQ is a desktop application for translatorsdesigned to increase productivity and quality by offering state ofthe art functionality for translation work. memoQ translator pro isa Microsoft Windows application that you can use on any Windowscomputer or using VMware Fusion, Bootcamp or Parallels on theMac.

Project automation
Save project setup clicks, and start a new project within a minute– or even automatically when the source changes.

Version updates
If the source document changes, memoQ reuses everything for you. Itis ideal for agile document development.

Project monitoring
Easily monitor the progress, risks and costs of your translationprojects.

Extensive review
Involve customers, in-country reviewers or other translators easilyin the translation review process.

File format support
No matter if your text comes in Word, PDF or other file formats,memoQ extracts the text and replaces it.

Translation memories
memoQ automatically offers identical or similar sentencespreviously translated, saving time for you.

Quality assurance
memoQ automatically checks recurring errors in numbers, terminologyuse, formatting, and other categories.

Get fully productive immediately by reusing original language andtranslated documents.

Installer Size: 91.15 MB

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