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SWF Encrypt encrypts your Adobe (FormerlyMacromedia) Flash SWF files, protecting them from the most popularFlash Decompiler Tools on the market! Protect your ActionScripttoday and prevent SWF Reverse Engineering and Decompiling.
SWF Encrypt has been designed specifically for Adobe Flash 6, 7 and8 SWF Files. The latter versions of Flash introduced more powerfulActionScripting capabilities which are all the more important toprotect and secure from would-be hackers!

Here are some key features of “SWFEncrypt”:
– Dense Encryption Points
The Encryption Technology used to protect your ActionScript are upto 1000 times stronger than previous builds! This even includesother 3rd Party obfuscation methods!
– No ActionScript Line Limit
SWF Encrypt can Encrypt and Protect SWF’s that have even just 1line of code! All MovieClip, Button and Frame Scripts areProtected. Even ActionScript located in nested symbols is protectedfrom decompilers!
– Unique Encryption “Fingerprint”
Our Encryption Technique uses Unique Algorithms to protect yourSWF. This means that the same SWF will have a Unique EncryptionFingerprint each time it’s encrypted!
– Intensity Control
Control the level of Encryption before protecting your SWF Movies.Light Encryption can be applied to smaller movies (with lesssensitive data), whilst high intensity encryption applied to securemore complex movies.

Installer Size: 10.75 MB

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