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Software Description:

SC/Tetra is general purpose thermo-fluidsimulation software using hybrid mesh to represent the surfaceshape with high accuracy. Its characteristics include sophisticatedmesh generation system, high speed computing, low memoryconsumption, and user-friendly features throughout the operation.You can obtain simulation results in a short time withoutstress.

Program Structure:
High-speed automated mesh generation
High quality mesh is automatically generated at a high speed bycreating the octree and using the Advancing Front method. Prismlayer elements affecting the calculation accuracy can also becreated automatically and the layer thickness can be set to linkwith the width of a flow channel. The software enables faster meshgeneration in parallel computing and supports large scale mesh.

Mesh adaptation analysis
With this function in a steady-state analysis, mesh will beautomatically refined at an area where the flow or pressure changesgreatly. After Solver completes the calculation, Preprocessor isautomatically launched and remeshing is executed based on thecalculation result. You can generate a coarse mesh first and refinethe mesh automatically. The function is useful for an analysis offlows in a tube of a complicated shape.

Modifying CAD data
When CAD data to be used for simulation has a problem, the data canbe modified in SC/Tetra. Boundary conditions can be set based onthe part names and color information set in the CAD data. When someregions are missing in the model, shapes such as cuboids andcylinders can be added.

Free surface
The function is used to calculate the shape of an interface betweena gas and a liquid. VOF method (Interface Capturing Method) enableshigh-speed calculation with high-accuracy. The function can be usedwith other functions such as moving boundary, overset mesh, andparticle tracking. The function is useful to analyze the effect ofwaves to a ship and the effect of shaking to a gasoline tank.

Dynamical function, Moving elements
Passive translation and rotation of a rigid object receiving afluid force can be analyzed. The object can be set to translate androtate with up to 6 degrees of freedom. The function enables ananalysis with a restraint condition (a spring for example) and ananalysis of contacting objects. The function can make thesimulation result of a check valve more realistic.

The function enables simulation of a vaporization phenomenon calledcavitation, which is caused at an area where pressure of a liquidbecomes lower than in the surrounding area. The occurrence ofcavitation can be predicted by applying the cavitation model basedon the pressure values. The software also supports problems causedby cavitation such as erosion.

Moving elements,discontinuous mesh
Flow with motion of objects can be calculated. Motion of objectsis, for example, rotation of fans and turbines, and translationsuch as automobiles or trains passing each other. By combiningrotation and translation, various and more complicated phenomena ofmoving objects can be simulated.    

Overset mesh
By overlapping mesh for a stationary region with mesh for a movingregion, a motion which was not able to be simulated using theexisting functions such as deformation or rotation can besimulated. In addition, contact of objects and overlap of multiplemoving regions are supported. This function is useful to analyzeopening and closing of a valve of an engine port, and a gear pumpthat works with its gears.

Installer Size: 1096 MB

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