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Software Description: IndigoRose Setup Factory v9.5.1.0 Crack Patch

Setup Factory software has all the things youneed to make solid professional software installers that work onevery version of Windows.
The compressed, single-file setup.exe is ideal for distribution onCD-ROM, DVD-ROM, LAN, web download, email or even floppy disk.

An easy-to-use Project Wizard helps you create ready-to-buildinstallation projects in minutes. Simply drag and drop your files,choose a look and feel using the new Visual Themes System and clickon the Publish button. It’s that easy to create a rock-solidsoftware installer.
But Setup Factory doesn’t stop there. With the addition of a newand powerful scripting engine, Setup Factory 7.0 can handle eventhe most sophisticated installation tasks.
The new scripting engine features everything from “for, repeat andwhile” loops, to “if/else” conditions, functions, variables andassociative arrays. With a library of over 250 functions and aneasy-to-use Action Wizard, advanced installers can be created byanyone.
Even beginners can make registry changes, call DLL functions,execute programs, start and stop services, interact with webscripts, enumerate processes, download files and much more.
With the new Screen Manager and Visual Theme System, you can createinstallers that are as unique as you want them to be. Choose from20+ screen types and dozens of themes/skins, including HTMLformatted text, license agreements, edit fields, check boxes, radiobuttons and many more.
Other features include MD5 serial number security, expirationchecking, multilingual support, authenticode signing, shortcuticons, registry editing, HTML-based project reports, uninstaller,spell checker, runtime modules, Visual Basic project scanner,silent install mode and support for automated builds. Learningresources include a comprehensive User’s Guide (PDF), CommandReference, Scripting Tutorial and optional video trainingCD-ROM.

Here are some key features of “Setup Factory”:
· Install Any File Anywhere!
Setup Factory 7.0 features an unbeatable development environmentthat puts you in total control of your files. Simply drag and dropyour files and folders onto the project window and you’re ready tobuild. Setup Factory is smart enough to maintain your folderstructure, automatically query version resource information, createshortcut icons and ensure 100% data integrity with reliable CRC-32checking. Of course, everything can be customized and overridden ifyou wish, but for most projects the improved Project Wizard canhandle it all with just a few clicks.
· Compact Single-File Setups
Smaller and faster means a better experience for your customers andSetup Factory 7.0 delivers. Compare our tiny ~450 KB runtimeoverhead (including uninstall) to the competition and see foryourself. Additionally, with no “unpacking” step required, SetupFactory 7.0 installers are also much faster to initialize andinstall than those created by competitive tools. What’s more, ourPublishing Wizard walks you through the build process with a feweasy steps. The single-file setup.exe is ready for distribution byweb, email, LAN, CD, DVD and even floppy disk.
· Project Quick-Start
Spend five minutes with Setup Factory’s easy to use Project Wizardand come away with a complete, ready to build installation project.You’ll be walked through each option so you can get your projectstarted as quickly as possible.
– Customizable Install Wizard Screens
Over 20 pre-built layouts handle just about any task your installercould want, and it’s easy to adjust them to fit your needs exactly.There’s everything from check boxes, radio buttons and edit fieldsto popular screens like license agreements, serial numberverification, shortcut folder selection and other advanced options.Each screen features a real-time preview so you can see the resultof your changes as you work.
– Themes and Skins
Choose from dozens of pre-made themes (skins) for your screens oreven make your own. It’s as easy as viewing a live dialog previewand picking your favorite style. You can configure everything fromfonts (face, color, size, style) and banner images tobody/background graphics, control colors (buttons, check boxes,radio buttons) and more. Whether your installer needs a corporatefeel or a hip attitude, you can do it with Setup Factory 7.0.
– Background Window Options
Choose between the traditional setup-wizard style or the modernWindows Installer style interface. You can customize the backgroundwindow with gradients, images, color washes, headlines and footertext with 3D effects. Now you can also select a custom taskbaricon, force the setup window to remain on top of other windows oreven hide the taskbar icon completely for totally silentinstalls.
– Extensive Action Library
Setup Factory comes with a built-in library of more than 250 easyto use actions, so you can do whatever you need without having tobe an advanced programmer. There are actions to handle everythingfrom text file editing to system registry changes. You can executeprograms, call DLL functions, query drive information, manipulatestrings, copy files, enumerate processes, start and stop services,interact with web scripts, display dialog boxes and much more.
– Easy to Use Action Wizard
You don’t have to be a wizard to create powerful installers withSetup Factory 7.0. We’ve built the wizard into the software! Simplychoose the action you want from a categorized list (complete withon-screen interactive help), fill in the requested informationfields and the wizard does the rest. You don’t have to knowanything about scripting or programming � just fill in the blanksand you’re done. Making changes is just as easy. Click on the lineyou want to change and press the “edit” button to go back to theoriginal form. It’s really that easy.
– Powerful Scripting Engine
We’ve taken the classic Setup Factory action engine and replaced itwith an all-new and incredibly powerful free-form scripting engine.Based on the popular LUA language, this easy to understandscripting language features everything from “for, repeat and while”loops, to “if/else” conditions, functions, variables and tables(associative arrays). Paired with the built-in action library, fullmathematical evaluation and Boolean expressions, there’s simplynothing you can’t achieve. Of course, we’ve also built in an”Action Wizard” and “Code Wizard” so even complete novices cancreate powerful installers that handle even the most demandinginstallation tasks.
– Color Syntax Highlighting Action Editor
If you’ve outgrown the Action Wizard interface or simply want tounleash the power of the fast and efficient scripting engine, we’vegot you covered. The Setup Factory 7.0 freeform action editorfeatures all of the professional features you’d expect. There’scolor syntax highlighting, code completion, function highlighting,as-you-type action prototypes, Ctrl+Space function listings andeven context-sensitive help. If you’re used to programming inMicrosoft� Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++ or any other moderndevelopment language, you’ll be right at home.
– Expandable with Action Plugins
Setup Factory 7.0 can be easily expanded with Action Plugins. Theseplugin modules can extend the product in infinitely powerful ways,such as adding support for databases, XML, data encryption and FTPfile transfers. Tight integration with the design environment �including IntelliSense style code completion and syntaxhighlighting � makes them just as easy to use as built-in actions.Plugins are available through Indigo Rose as well as third-partydevelopers thanks to Indigo Rose’s freely available plugindevelopment kit.
– Dependency Modules & Runtime Support
Instantly add runtime support for many popular third-partytechnologies, including Visual Basic 5.0, Visual Basic 6.0, DCOM,JET, MDAC, Visual C++ and more. Additional dependency modules areeasy to create and integrate seamlessly into the developmentenvironment. Setup Factory 7.0 gives you complete control over thedetection and installation of each module, so you can easily adjustthe behavior to suite your particular requirements.
– Flexible Uninstaller
Setup Factory 7.0 features a new and improved uninstall feature.Simply turn it on and let Setup Factory worry about removing yourfiles. Anything that is installed during the setup will be markedfor removal by the uninstaller. However, if you want to go in andtinker with the settings, you’ll find that the uninstaller is nowfully customizable. You can take full control of what files areremoved, what shortcut icons are deleted, what registry changes aremade and anything else you require. Even the dialog screens andsequence can be adjusted to suit your needs!
– System Requirements Checking
You can easily enforce system requirements just by clicking a fewboxes. Built-in checks include operating system, memory, screenresolution, color depth and administrator privileges. If the user’ssystem does not meet the minimum requirements you have chosen, theinstaller can either warn the user or abort the setup entirely.
– Serial Numbers, Security and Access Features
Setup Factory includes a variety of features designed to help youmanage access to your software, including serial number lists anddate-based expiration. With its powerful serial number generatoryou can quickly create thousands of unique serial numbers, whichare stored internally as secure MD5 hashes. Hidden from pryingeyes, your installer data is compressed using proprietaryalgorithms and only accessible to those users who supply a validserial number. Of course, if you’d rather do it yourself, SetupFactory 7.0 is flexible enough to support your own customvalidation and authorization schemes.
– Packages, Categories and Install Types
Creating installers for complex and multi-part products is noweasier than ever. With dramatically improved support for groupingfiles into packages, it’s a snap to group products and featuresinto a single installer. There’s even support for categories so youcan group your packages into logical components. It’s the ultimatein flexibility for those large projects that need to supportdifferent installation types like typical, minimum, complete andcustom.
– International Language Support
Setup Factory 7.0 offers unsurpassed support for multilingualinstallations right out of the box. While some products charge youextra for this essential feature (or don’t offer it at all), SetupFactory 7.0 gives you everything you need to support your customersand clients around the world. Installers created with Setup Factorycan automatically determine the language of the client operatingsystem and adjust the display of screens and messagesappropriately. Whether you need to support English, French, German,Spanish, Italian or any other language recognized by Windows, withSetup Factory 7.0 you simply provide the text and your installertakes care of the rest!
– Built-in Spelling Checker
Now it’s easier than ever to make sure that typos don’t creep intoyour projects. Basically anywhere you can type, you can perform aspell check to ensure error-free text. Dictionaries are availablefor over a dozen languages including English, French, German,Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Croatian, Czech, Polishand Slovenian.
– Reports and Logs
Keeping track of the essential details of your installation projectis now just a couple of clicks away. With improved HTML-basedproject reports (featuring CSS formatting) and text-basedinstall-time log files, you’ll have an accurate record ofeverything you need. New options let you control the level ofdetail being logged, including options for recording errors andscript actions.
– Silent Installs
Create silent installations that operate without displaying userinterface dialogs, prompts, messages or errors. Easily read commanddefaults from a response file and control the installationautomatically. Silent installs let you maintain control overhundreds or thousands of workstations while enforcing corporatestandards. New options let you enable silent installs with acommand line switch, or even force the installer to always run inunattended mode. Setup Factory 7.0 installers automatically returncommand line status codes and can be easily called from batch filesand automatic build processes.
– Visual Basic Project Scanner
If you’re creating installers for your Visual Basic projects, thenlook no further! Setup Factory can analyze your VB project andautomatically add the necessary runtime files and dependencies foryou. There’s even an advanced executable scanner that can assistyou in determining required DLL’s and libraries for those difficultto manage multi-team projects.
– Unattended Builds
Setup Factory 7.0 fits seamlessly into your daily build process.Creating your product installer every time you build your sourcecode makes it easy to test early and often. Simply include yourSetup Factory project in your build process to run automaticallyand output a finished setup.exe.
– Works with Windows 95 through Windows Vista
While other installer tools are dropping support for olderoperating systems such as Windows 95 and 98, we believe that yourchoice of installation builder shouldn’t limit your potentialmarket. Setups created with Setup Factory 7.0 work just fine onevery Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Vista.
– Comprehensive User’s Guide
We listened when you said you wanted more learning resources. Thenew user’s guide has been written from scratch to cover everythingyou need to know to create professional installers. You’ll learneverything from basics like working with files and customizing theuser interface all the way up to lessons on mastering the scriptinglanguage and creating multilingual installers. It’s sure nice tohave when you want to move beyond the wizards and get the most outof your software investment.
– Video Training CD’s Available
An optional video training CD is available for learning SetupFactory 7.0 inside and out. Compared to classes and seminars,there’s really no question that this multimedia training seriesoffers a great value and a depth of content that just can’t bebeat. Indigo Rose is committed to seeing that your experience withSetup Factory is simply unbeatable!

Installer Size: 45 MB

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