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Software Description:

Hide My IP is a nifty application designed tomake you invisible when browsing the web, thus protecting youridentity from theft. You get to surf in an anonymous environment,one that’s impossible to track.
A smart move while you’re surfing the web is to hide your real IP.There are a lot of people out there who attempt to hack into yoursystem, not to mention the big companies that are always trying tomonitor and track your browsing habbits.

Unfortunately, a simple change of IP is sometimes not enough, sothe best alternative is to use an application such as Hide My IPthat automatically changes the IP address every given number orminutes.
In other words, it is a simple piece of software designed to offeryou the luxury of anonymity over the Internet. The interface ispretty standard, yet intuitive; quick settings include changingyour IP every few minutes, clearing cookies when the IP changes, orlaunching the program on startup.
On the other hand, from the Advanced Settings Section, you canselect to always use a US-based IP (although this option was notselected, our changed IPs were exclusively US-based), useSmartSwitch or use open-network IP addresses.
In addition, there is a list of discarded items, where you can addIPs you don’t wish to be used as your fake addresses. Hotkeyshortcuts can be assigned to various commands – hide IP, change IP,stop hiding IP, discard current IP, or bring up the Hide My IPWindow.

Key Benefits and Features:
– Anonymous Web Surfing
– Protect Your Identity
– Encrypt Your Internet Connection
– Prevent the Government from Spying on You
– Send Anonymous E-mails

Installer Size: 3.03 MB

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