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Writing and editing code for applications or for web content isnot quite your everyday activity, unless you are a professionaldeveloper or studying to become one. To make the job easier foreveryone, some specialized tools have been created over the yearsand some are arriving just now.
Among them you will find Adobe Edge Code, a nicelooking, almost elegant editor for several types of code. Moreprecisely, with the help of this software you can work with CSS,HTML and also JavaScript documents.

Adding the files to be processed can be done eitherindividually, one at a time, or by importing the whole directory,then selecting the ones you need to modify on. The editing commandsthat Adobe Edge Code offers are neatly stacked in the correspondingmenu, so getting started should take only a couple of moments.
Besides the syntax highlighting that is very helpful when needingto identify specific bits of code, the editor supports ‘Undo’ and’Redo’ functionality, which will surely prove useful whenever youneed to trace back your steps or reconstruct the code you areworking on inside Adobe Edge Code.

There is a well-represented search functionality that will help youfind content either in the currently displayed document or insideall supported files. It is also possible to perform replacementsfor any code bits, manage indentation and much more.
Should you need to duplicate some content and move lines up ordown, the ‘Edit’ menu of the application contains these commands aswell. If it is necessary to view code hints, Adobe Edge Code canreveal them as soon as you access this feature.

Thanks to a good set of code editing, viewing and navigationfeatures, this utility should accommodate the needs of all userswho have to handle CSS, JavaScript as well as HTML code and editsuch documents.

Installer Size: 37.79 MB

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