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Software Description:

The LMS Samtech Samcef Solver Suite is based onthe finite element method (FEM) and covers a wide range ofmechanical, thermal and thermo-mechanical applications – from basicto very advanced – primarily in the aerospace, defense andautomotive industries.

You can apply the mechanical FEM solver solutions to linearapplications such as linear static computations, modal and bucklinganalyses, linear dynamic simulations, super element generation,random excitations and shock responses. You can also performnonlinear transient simulations within this family of FEM solvers.The FEM solvers can account for the material nonlinearities,geometric nonlinearities, contact conditions, large rotations andkinematic constraints. A dedicated module is also available forhigh-speed rotating machines. Thermal simulations allow solvingtransient analysis including convection, conduction, radiation andablation.

Several modeling levels are available, including 2D plane stressor plane strain, harmonic and multi-harmonic, cyclic symmetry andfull 3D. FEM solver modules are part of the same family; you canswitch from one analysis to another (convert a linear simulation toa transient nonlinear simulation), combine analyses(thermo-mechanical, pre-stressed modal analysis) or conductco-simulations. With parallel computing capabilities, the LMSSamcef Solver Suite also allows you to solve very large finiteelement models.

Composite Simulation
LMS Samcef Composites enables linear static, buckling and modalanalysis; nonlinear static and dynamic analysis; transient andharmonic responses; and thermomechanical analysis. The compositeFEM solver enables you to model laminate structures, honeycomb,filament wounded structures and sandwich panels. Manufacturingprocess simulation is possible for phenomena such as curing andcrystallization.

Nonlinear Analysis
LMS Samcef Nonlinear Analysis modules provide you with nonlinearsolutions for critical conditions such as plasticity,hyper-elasticity and flexible contact. Moreover, advanced featuressupport complex applications such as composite damage anddelamination, as well as flexible nonlinear mechanisms in order tosimulate real movement without simplification due to softwarelimitations.

Linear Analysis
LMS Samcef Linear Analysis modules are dedicated to linear analysisof structures including linear static, modal, buckling, dynamicresponse (modal or direct) and random vibration. A large library offinite elements combined with a wide selection of load and boundaryconditions give you a best-in-class modeling tool.

Thermal Analysis
You can create simple and complex thermal models with LMS SamcefThermal. Thermal analysis takes conduction, convection andradiation into account. Temperature distributions on your structureare easily computed and can be used as loads for a furthermechanical analysis.

Thermal Response
LMS Samcef Amaryllis allows you to model the thermal response ofcharring ablators during atmospheric re-entry or fire conditions,including char swelling and conduction-radiation coupling.

Fracture Mechanics
Fracture Mechanics with LMS Samcef is used to study the effects ofcracks on structural integrity. LMS Samcef offers differentmodeling techniques and numerical methods. The most powerful methodis the extended finite element method (XFEM), which automaticallycomputes crack propagation. With these capabilities, LMS Samcefhelps you determine if cracks are critical.

Installer Size: 2427 MB

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