NetLimiter v4.0.35.0 Enterprise Edition Keygen Crack


Software Description:

NetLimiter is an ultimate internet trafficcontrol tool designed for Win2000, WinXP and Win2003.
It is suited to monitor applications which access the internet andactively control their internet traffic. You can use NetLimiter toset (download/upload) speed limits for applications or even singleconnection.
Simply, NetLimiter will allow you to share your internet connectionbandwidth among all running applications on your computer.

With this unique and “never seen before” feature Netlimiteroffers comprehensive set of internet statistical tools whichincludes real-time traffic measurement and long-termper-application internet traffic statistics.
With NetLimiter you finally become the master of your internetconnection

Here are some key features of “NetLimiter”:
Network Monitor
– NetLimiter 2 shows list of all applications communicating overnetwork it’s connections, transfer rates and more.
Network Limiter
– You can use NetLimiter 2 to set download or upload transfer ratelimits for applications, connections or groups of them. With limitsyou can easily manage your internet connection’s bandwidth(bandwidth shaper or bandwidth controller)
– This feature lets you to track your internet traffic historysince you’ve installed NetLimiter 2.
– NetLimiter 2 provides you with and additional information likeWHOIS, traceroute etc.
And more
– Remote administration, Personal firewall, Running as WinNTservice, User rights, Chart, Advanced Rule editor and scheduler,Zone based traffic management…

Installer Size: 7.03 MB

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