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| Full Support For ITunes 12.7, IOS 11|


iTools 2018 + Mac Is A Simple,Functional Application iTunes Apple’s FamousApp. This App Is Designed To Manage IOS Devices, Including IPhoneAnd IPad, And Its App Environment Is Much Like ITunes. With TheITools App, You Just Plug In Your Device And See All The ExactDetails With All The Details. The Beautiful Menu Of The IToLApplication Accurately Shows The Status Of Your Memory Exactly LikeThe Tape We Saw In ITools.

The ITools Software Developed By Thinksky Technology OffersUnique Features For IPhone And IPad Users, And Tries To SimplifyThe Process Of Managing IP-based Devices. Other Features Of ThisProgram Include The Ability To Backup Files And Programs, Easy ToInstall Games And Software, Access To System Files And …. You CanNow Get The Latest Software Version iTools Get The JasmineSite.




Ringtone Maker
1. Open the “Ringtone Maker” in the Toolbox, click “Select localmusic ‘or’ Select device music “.
2. Select the type you want to set ringtones, Call ringtones or SMStones, Clip your favorite clips.
3. Then save to computer and use iTools to import into mobilephones, or directly save to the phone.
Data Migrate
1. iTools support migrating data between iOS devices.
2. Open iTools (PC), find the “Data Migrate” in the Toolbox,connect the original & target device.
3. Choose contents and then start migrating.
Super Backup
1. Connect the device to your computer and open iTools 3.0, clickthe “Super Backup” in the Toolbox.
2. You can see some basic information about your device and clickNext.
3. After the scan completed, select the content needs to be backedup and start.
Super Restore
1. Connect the device to computer and open iTools 3.0, click the“Super Restore” in the Toolbox.
2. You can see some basic information about your device and clickNext.
3. Select contents to restore then click “Next” until therestoration can be completed.
File Explorer
Use File Explorer management, you can view the system directory &file system of the device to learn more about your device.
Desktop Management
Bored of dragging by big finger in the tiny screen?
Desktop Management help you drag bulk apps at one time by mouse!Drag smart!
Fast Optimization
Slow respond? Mountains of rubbish? Don’t worry! Fast Optimizationhelp you to clean caches and space, easily get refreshed.
Portable Disk
Makes your iPhone to be the portable disk, Cut off the U disk!
Battery Master
Dashboard of your battery , all detail information u need to keepyour device and battery healthy!
Real-time Desktop
Real-time project your desktop into computer desktop!
Real-time Log
Getting more clear of your device system running log by Real-timelog.
Crash Log
You can find most of crash log here and find out the problem assoon as possible.
Firmware Download
Download the newest firmware, automatically recognize your deviceand download without your learning.
Flush Wizard
Use flush wizard to taste the newest version of system !

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