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Software Description:

ProSource enables optical system designers tofully exploit Radiant Source Model files (RSMs) of light sourcesand lighting systems. RSMs are the most accurate method fordescribing the near-field output of real light sources in opticaland illumination design software because they contain fullmeasurement information, including luminance images, from allviewing angles for the light source or lighting system. Thisprovides full flexibility in analysis and in ray setgeneration.

Better light source models result in betterdesign
When paired with a near-field measurement system or Source ImagingGoniometer, the measurement data collected by ProSource isformatted as an RSM file. This file contains all of the lightsource measurement information including the image data, so themeasurement results can be reviewed in detail at any time. Inaddition, ray sets containing an arbitrary number of rays can begenerated by ProSource for export to other optical and illuminationsystem design software packages such as ASAP, FRED®, LightTools,LucidShape, Photopia, IES TM-25, Opticad®, OSLO®, SimuLux, SPEOS,TracePro, and OpticStudio (ZEMAX), as well as general file formats.Ray sets generated by ProSource from RSMs are more efficient thanrandom Monte Carlo – generated ray sets as they contain equivalentinformation with only 20% of the number of rays – resulting infaster optical design analysis times with higher accuracy.

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