Chasm Consulting Ventsim Premium v5.0.3.9 + Crack


Software Description:

Ventsim™ is an underground mine ventilationsimulation software package designed to model and simulateventilation, airflows, pressures, heat, gases, financials, radon,fire, and many other types of ventilation data from a model oftunnels and shafts.

Ventsim Premium Features:
– Hardware Acceleration – fast, smooth 3D display of any complexityon most modern computers
– Animated airflows and fans – airflows move in real time throughnetwork,
– Metric/Imperial units – can be mixed if required.
– DXF Import – import centrelines and solids from CAD packages forrapid building of Ventsim networks
– Up to 60,000 network airways
– Variable speed and reversible fans – fans can be reversed withreduced performance for emergency simulation.
– Distributon prediction – distribute smoke or other contaminantsthrough a network
– Sourcing concentration – show upstream paths and concentrationsof contaminated (or fresh) airflow
– Compressible Flows – compressible airflows effects at depth aremodelled
– Thermodynamic environmental simulation
   – Heating and Cooling – includes heat or refrigerationoptions in network analysis
   – Rock Thermal Input – predicts heat and moistureeminated from rock strata
   – Diesel Equipment – predicts heat and humiditygenerated by diesel equipment
   – Natural ventilation – uses thermodynamics tosimulate natural ventilation effects
– Dynamic blasting – Blasting fume animated dynamic spreadtime andcleanance time dispersion
– Diesel Particulate Simulation – utilises diesel engine sources toestimate DPM levels throughout the mine
– Dynamic Heat and Gas Distribution – Individual heat and gas timebased simulation and spread through model with graphing.
– Dynamic Heat and Gas programmable events – heat, air or gaschanges can be introduced at pre-programmed dynamic intervals
– Radon Simulation – Predict worker exposure levels based on radonemission rates from different areas, and the length of time the gasis allowed to remain in the mine atmosphere based on yourventilation design.
– VentLog™ – Software package to record survey data, export toplans and overlay on Ventsim™ models
– LiveView™ Module – Ventsim™ module to connect to external dataand display and simulate real time data
– VentFIRE™ Module – Ventsim™ module to utilise dynamic simulationto predict fire heat, gases and flow direction

Installer Size: 89 MB

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