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To play PSP games on computer, at present there are only threePlayStation Portable console emulators available: the currentlybest PSP emulator – PPSSPP, the earliest PSP emulator developedbased on Java – JPCSP, and PCSP – a discontinuedbut very good PSP emulator developed by partial members from thedevelopment team of PCSX2.

PCSP is a abortive/discontinued (died in its WIP state) SonyPlayStation Portable handheld console emulator for Windows,developed by some of the credits of the most popular PS2emulator PCSX2. You may find a very detailed guide on how toconfigure and use this emulator in the accompanyingdocumentation.

PCSP emulator was written in the fast, high-efficiency C++programming language. Compared with the JPCSP emulator written inJava language, its running speed and graphics quality are both farsurpassing than the former. Unfortunately, this emulator’scompatibility is not so good. Even worse, it shows no sign that itsdevelopers are still trying to improve this PSP emulator, althoughthey have stated that they were planning to completely rewrite PCSPin order to provide better support to hardware and commercial PSPgames.

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