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Software Description: PrimoCache Desktop Edition v2.7.3 Keygen Crack

PrimoCache is a supplementary software cachingscheme that cooperates with physical memory, solid-state drives(SSDs) and flash drives to provide data caching for local physicaldisks. It transparently stores disk data into fast cache devicessuch as physical memory, so that future read requests for thosedata will be served directly from the cache and be faster. Thusaccess time will be reduced, showing a great improvement in overallsystem performance.

What Can You Do With It?
– If you have 4GB or more memory, you can use a portion of thememory as cache to accelerate local disks, including mechanicaldisks, SSDs and flash drives, and iSCSI disks.
– If you have memory not seen by Windows, usually in 32-bitWindows, you can use this hidden memory as cache to acceleratelocal disks and iSCSI disks.
– If you have a SSD and a mechanical disk on your system, you areable to partition a portion or all of this SSD as cache toaccelerate the mechanical disk.
– If you have a spare USB 3.0 flash drive, you can use it as cacheto accelerate your mechanical disks.

PrimoCache In Detail
PrimoCache implements a two-level caching architecture consistingof level-1 cache and level-2 cache. Level-1 cache, also calledprimary cache, is composed of physical memory. Level-2 cache is asecondary cache which typically resides on a solid-state drive, aflash drive or other fast persistent storage device. Obviouslylevel-1 cache runs much faster than level-2 cache, although it isusually much smaller. PrimoCache allows a single level cacheconfiguration using either level-1 cache or level-2 cache, as wellas a two-level cache configuration using both levels of cache.

Unlike level-1 cache which cannot keep cache contents on reboot,level-2 cache is able to retain its cache contents across computerreboots because of the persistent nature of storage devices. Thisavoids fetching often-accessed data again from slow disks each timecomputer boots up. Thus level-2 cache will remarkably reduceboot-up time and speed up applications for those computers whichinstall mechanical hard disks.

PrimoCache also supports write-deferred caching mode, whichexecutes write requests on the cache first and synchronizes datafrom the cache to the disk after custom delays. Therefore writerequests can be responded and completed very fast, greatlyimproving the disk write performance.

In addition, PrimoCache implements the Unified Invisible MemoryManagement Interface (UIMMI), which can use Invisible Memory aslevel-1 cache. Invisible Memory, also known as Unmanaged Memory,usually exists on 32-bit desktop Windows where 4GB or more physicalmemory is installed. This feature helps to overcome the Windowslimits on amount of system memory and fully utilize all installedphysical memory.

PrimoCache fulfills an intelligent cache replacement algorithmwhich optimally determines cache blocks needed to be discarded tomake room for new data when cache space is full. This cachealgorithm combines two normal algorithms which are Least FrequentlyUsed (LFU) and Least Recently Used (LRU), and provides a bettercache hit ratio. It is self-tuning and requires no user-specifiedparameters.

PrimoCache allows multiple cache strategies and flexibleconfigurations. It is implemented in Windows kernel level and istransparent to other applications. Therefore no application orsystem changes are required for this caching solution. WithPrimoCache, you can easily setup caches for local disks and speedup your computers.

One of the PrimoCache’s core components is a storage class filterdriver which resides in the storage stack, intercepting I/Orequests for data on disk. If requested data is contained in thecache, this request can be served by simply reading the cache,which is comparably faster. Otherwise the data has to be fetchedfrom disk. Hence, the more requests can be served from the cachethe better the overall system performance is.

Here are some key features of “PrimoCache DesktopEdition”:
– Supports physical memory, solid-state drives and flash drives ascache storage
– Implements a two-level caching architecture
– Supports persistent level-2 caching
– Supports Write-Through and Write-Deferred caching modes
– Supports TRIM command
– Supports OS Invisible Memory
– Supports pre-fetching data into cache
– Implements an intelligent and self-tuning cache replacementalgorithm
– Supports caching strategies: Read/Write Caching, Read-OnlyCaching and Write-Only Caching
– Supports performance statistics and monitor
– Supports caching for multiple volumes
– Supports caching for volumes with proprietary file system
– Supports caching for volumes on basic and dynamic disks
– Supports plug and play
– Supports command-line interface

Installer Size: 8

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