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Paying a ridiculous amount of money does not necessarily meanthat the purchased device fully satisfies your needs orexpectations. When it comes to hardware, the final frontier lies intaking it through a rough test that can be performed with one ofthe many available benchmark utilities. FurMark isone of them, aimed at stressing out your GPU and CPU to the maximumto unveil its true potential.

Quick deployment and simple interface
Deployment on your system is done incredibly fast and as soon as itfinishes, you have the possibility to bring up the main window. Itsports a simple, classic design, managing to include all availablefeatures.

Predefined or custom test cases
Detected GPUs are displayed in the main window, supporting amaximum of four. You can choose to run several predefined testcases which involve a simple Burn-in test, Burn-in benchmark withhigher resolution that runs for 15 minutes, and two morepresets.

However, you are able to customize the test case to fully stressout your graphics card. Fullscreen mode can be enabled, a customresolution set, as well as the level of Anti-aliasing which can goup to 8x.

Informing you of the risks involved
Hitting the “Settings” button brings forth more options. You canenable dynamic background or camera, burn-in, xtreme burn-in andpost-fx. To be on the safe side, you can toggle an option to letyou know when the GPU reached a custom temperature so you don’tliterally fry your video card.

Once you are happy with the custom configuration you can run abenchmark using only options you chose. Before the process is putin motion you are prompted by a warning message, advising you tohit “GO” only if you acknowledge the risks of fully stressing outyour graphics card.

Share and compare results online
The actual test runs in a separate window with the resolution setbefore the process is put in motion. It displays highly detailedobjects and various info, such FPS, memory usage, core,temperature, GPU usage and several more. Results can be comparedonline with a large database online to get an idea of how well yourcard performs in case you think of buying a new one.

In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that FurMark is areliable tool you can use to get a glimpse of your video card’sfull potential. The interface gets you quickly up and running,while the results can fully provide info you need whether you wantto upgrade your system or just want to see how well a new oneperforms.

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