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Aoao Watermark is a straightforward programwhich allows you to easily apply watermarks to your images within auser-friendly environment.

If you are using Windows 7, then make sure to run Aoao Watermarkwith administrative privileges. Otherwise, several errors will popup during runtime.

The interface of Aoao Watermark is clean and intuitive. Picturescan be imported into the list by using the file browser only, sincethe “drag and drop” method is not supported. Batch processing isallowed.

In the queue you can check out the thumbnail, source path, type,size and EXIF information about each image.

In addition, you can rotate pictures, set the text size of displayand enable the tool to adapt or optimize the palette in case of GIFanimations, and others.

So, you can add a watermark which consists of text (e.g. adjustopacity and rotation, alignment, spacing), images or masks (e.g.set watermark mode, proportion, alignment).

But you can also add frames (colored or with patterns) and crop,resize and rename pictures. Once you specify the output destinationand format (so, Aoao Watermark is also an image converter), you caninitiate the task.

The program quickly completes a job while using a moderate-to-highamount of system resources. It has a very good response time,includes a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial with snapshots andmanages to keep a very good image quality after conversion. Wehaven’t come across any problems during our tests and highlyrecommend Aoao Watermark to all users.

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