Full Version PCTools Disk Suite 2009 v1.0.0.66 Full Version Cracked

PC Tools Disk Suite is an easy-to-usecomprehensive software suite designed to provide set offunctionalities to manage user-level and system-level diskoperations, such as clean-up and optimization, data and free spacedefragmentation, disk repair, backup/restore, partitionsmanagement.
With PC Tools Disk Suite you’ll be able to manage and maintain yourcomputer in top notch shape.
Disk Suite puts a range of tools at your fingertips to provideoptimum system performance and improved stability and security.

Here are some key features of “PC Tools DiskSuite”:
Clean and Optimize:
– With Disk Suite you can safely Cleanup and Optimize your Windowsdisks with a few simple mouse clicks. Disks can become bloated withtemporary files, log files and other unnecessary data. The Cleanupand Optimize feature lets you safely remove unnecessary files andbloat from your disk without detailed knowledge of the Windows�file systems. Removing bloat will not only make your PC performbetter, but will also provide you with more free space to storeyour own files.
Disk Defragment:
– Fragmented drives drain critical system resources, compromise theability to access your files efficiently and slow down systemstart-up.
– Defragmentation is one of the best methods of boosting systemperformance by optimizing the way files are written to the disk. Byreorganizing the files on the hard disk, the process of accessingthose files becomes more efficient, creates a greater amount offree space on the hard drive and allows you to use that space moreefficiently.
– The defrag feature provides you with a powerful defragmentationtool that supports both NTFS and FAT32 file systems. Differentlevels of defragmentation are provided in case you just need aquick defrag or you want to schedule a complete optimization ofyour disk.
Backup & Restore:
– The Backup feature allows you to make copies of your data thatcan be restored in the event that files are lost or overwritten.Taking regular backup is one of the most important tasks you canperform to ensure you don’t lose important data, files andinformation.
– The Backup feature in Disk Suite allows you to tailor your backupto meet your needs. It also allows you to restore files as needed,and verify your backup to ensure valuable data can be recovered asneeded.
– Partitioning manages the different partitions that make up thedifferent volumes and drive letters on your PC. It allows you tocreate separate divisions within the hard disk to provide greateruser control. By dividing your disk into individual partitions suchas operating system, program files, data files, and personal datayou can better structure your data in the unfortunate event of diskcorruption and system recovery.
– The Partition feature allows you to merge, split, resize, copy,and move partitions without losing data. It also lets you manageyour disk’s configuration allowing you to change cluster sizes,convert to different file systems and much more.
Diagnostics and Repair:
– Physical disk and file corruption is one of the main causes ofdata loss. The Repair feature allows you to actively monitor thehealth of your disk and file systems and where possible repaircorruption and errors. It also allows you to schedule or directlyrun different types of disk integrity checks and identify futuredisk corruption so issues can be quickly discovered andresolved.
– The repair feature performs integrity checks to check file systemstructure, surface scans to check for bad sectors and disk errorsas well as repair hard disk problems. In addition the repairfeature includes hard disk diagnostics and monitoring and lets youreview the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and ReportingTechnology) status of your hard drive (if supported).

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