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Software Description:

LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim offers engineers anintegrated simulation platform to accurately predict themultidisciplinary performance of intelligent systems. LMS Amesimenables you to model, simulate and analyze multi-domain controlledsystems and offers plant modeling capabilities to connect tocontrols design helping you assess and validate controlstrategies.

LMS Amesim allows test frontloading, which saves time and costs.The solution also addresses multiple challenges of smart systemsengineering. Combining the best of mechatronic systems simulationand application expertise, this integrated simulation platform aidscompanies in making the right choices earlier in the design processand provides higher quality results in a shorter time.

LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim is a commercial simulation software for themodeling and analysis of multi-domain systems. It is part ofsystems engineering domain and falls into the mechatronicengineering field.

The software package is a suite of tools used to model, analyze andpredict the performance of mechatronics systems. Models aredescribed using nonlinear time-dependent analytical equations thatrepresent the system’s hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, electric ormechanical behavior. Compared to 3D CAE modeling this approachgives the capability to simulate the behavior of systems beforedetailed CAD geometry is available, hence it is used earlier in thesystem design cycle or V-Model.

To create a simulation model for a system, a set of libraries isused, they contain pre-defined components for different physicaldomains. The icons in the system have to be connected and for thispurpose each icon has ports, which have several inputs and outputs.Causality is enforced by linking the inputs of one icon to theoutputs of another icon (and vice versa).

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