PassMark KeyboardTest v3.2 Build 1000 x86/x64 Full Crack


Software Description:

PassMark KeyboardTest allows users to quicklycheck that all the keys on their computer keyboard are functioningcorrectly, check the keyboard LED’s, look at the internal scancodes being generated by the keyboard and measure typing speed.

The down and up stroke of each key is registered and highlighted ona graphical image of a keyboard. Each time a key is pressed avariety of state information is updated in the window and on thekeyboard picture.

Possible uses of the software include testing faulty keyboards,batch mode testing of keyboard in a production line environment, atyping tutor aid to practice your typing and examining the internalkey codes.
Keyboard layouts

KeyboardTest supports custom keyboard design. It is possible tocreate your own keyboard layouts, including the keyboard image andkey definitions. Two different portable computers and one desktopcomputer are provided as examples. For more information see theKeyboardTest FAQ.

– A comprehensive help file.
– Both the down stroke and the up stroke are highlighted indifferent colors.
– Measurement of the keyboard repeat and depress times.
– Display of BIOS keyboard code and Windows scan codes.
– Language independent testing by using BIOS scan codes.
– Allows creation of your own custom keyboard layouts.
– Support for up to 100 keyboards.
– Downloadable keyboard layouts (see the layout download page )
– Testing of compound keys, like a “.COM” or “.WWW” key
– Batch mode testing (with the /b command line parameter)
– Logging of keyboard serial numbers, operator ID and pass / failresults to disk (in batch mode).
– Display options for testing row and column short circuits (inbatch mode).
– Ability to test for under or over-responsive keys by specifying anumber of required keystrokes (in batch mode) .
– Display options for mouse buttons. Both for mice embedded in thekeyboard and external mice.
– Support for all connector types, ( PS/2, Wireless & USBkeyboards).
– A function to flash the three keyboard LED, Num Lock, Caps lockand Scroll lock.
– Measurement of the delay between key presses.

Installer Size: 2.4 MB

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