FlexiServer v2.04 + Crack


Software Description:

FlexiServer tracks staff hours and computeractivity making tracking hours, vacation time and sick leave easierfor employees and HR alike.
It also has computer usage monitoring for quality control, securityor legal compliance.
FlexiServer is software for automatic employee time attendancelogging. It also features additional tools for quality assurancemonitoring and reporting, and works with home or remote employees.With FlexiServer you can track and monitor employee hours from aremote location. Simply have work-at-home staff or other remoteemployees install FlexiStation to monitor the hours put in awayfrom the office.

Here are some of the key feature of”FlexiServer”:
– Log employee time attendance automatically
– Detect breaks and idle time automatically
– Alternatively enter hours manually through a web form
– Private mode available to employees for privacy on breaks or whencompleting personal tasks
– Takes screenshots at regular intervals
– Logs count of keystrokes and mouse clicks
– Link hours and attendance information to payroll software
– Shows the online status of all team members
– Real time screen monitoring available for Quality Assurance
– Email monitoring can store all emails sent by employees
– Generate reports on employee application and document usage
– No extra hardware or dedicated server is required, FlexiServercan run on an HR or manager’s computer
– Works behind fire walls and routers
– Can be used over the internet or on a local network

Installer Size: 3.68 MB

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