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Software Description: GPU-Z v2.8.0 + ASUS ROG Skin Keygen Serial

GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to scanyour computer system and display information regarding video cardand GPU. It gets you acquainted with a wide array of technicalspecification, thus enabling you to have a better knowledge of yourcomputer’s abilities.

GPU-Z features support for the latest NVIDIA and ATI cards andincludes a GPU load test to check PCI-Express configurations. Inaddition, it grants you permission to default clocks, 3D clocks (ifany) and overclock information.

Reports are incredibly detailed, containing specifications aboutbasically, every characteristic of video cards, such as name, GPU,process technology, chip, memory type, DirrectX / PixelShadersupport, memory bandwidth, type of bus, memory clock, versiondriver, sensors, speed fans and version BIOS. You can save thecomplete report on the sensors as a text files.

GPU-Z is also able to take pictures of the report and export itlocally or to a free image hosting service so you can easily shareit with your friends across the Internet.
Assessing the graphic capabilities of your video card is a veryimportant task. GPU-Z can easily accomplish that for you; itsatisfies the needs of the regular home users and professionalsalike, such as system administrators.

All in all, hardcore users who constantly need to know what’s goingon under the hood of their machine are going to appreciate GPU-Zand its accurate reports. Since searching for these results throughtraditional methods can be a very difficult task, you can use thisnifty application to offer you a complete overview of your videocard’s graphic capabilities.

Here are some key features of “GPU-Z”:
– Support NVIDIA and ATI cards
– Displays adapter, GPU and display information
– Displays overclock, default clocks and 3D clocks (ifavailable)
– Validation of results
– No installation required

Installer Size: ~
4 MB

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