Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2016 v1.3.0 DC 15.02.2017 Crack


Software Description:

Ashampoo AntiVirus will give you comprehensiveprotection against viruses, Trojans, worms, Trojans and dialers,but it’s so efficient you won’t even notice it’s there. And it’s soeasy to use that it won’t waste any of your valuable time. Just setit and forget it and get on with more important things.
Once you have installed Ashampoo AntiVirus protection is automatic.It checks all new files and activity on your computer for bothknown threats and suspicious behavior and stops attacks before theycan do any damage.
Malicious hackers are creating new threats every day and anantivirus program is only as good as its updates. AshampooAntiVirus recognizes over 470,000 different threats.
It comes with a year of free updates and the virus signatures areupdated several times a day with information on the latest threats.Just switch on automatic protection and update checking and let theprogram take care of everything else for you.
You don’t need to know everything that Ashampoo AntiVirus does toprotect you but it may interest you: It doesn’t just scan emailattachments and new files for threats. It also scans yourcomputer’s memory and all critical system areas.
If you want you can also define your own customized scans toperform systematic checks of all or part of your system, includingremovable media like CDs and DVDs and even external and portabledevices.
A special intelligent system known as heuristics analysis is usedto identify as-yet unknown threats on the basis of suspiciousbehavior and stop them before they can do any damage.
When infections are found you can choose to clean them immediatelyor you can put them in quarantine. This is a special protected areawhere the infected files cannot do any damage but they can berecovered if necessary for example if you discover that the threatidentified was harmless.
All the operations performed by the program are recorded in detailin log files. You can view the contents of the logs at any time.Acontext menu item is added to Windows Explorer that enables you toscan files directly without starting Ashampoo AntiVirus.

Here are some key features of “AshampoAntiVirus”:
– Comprehensive protection: Protects against over 470,000 viruses,worms, Trojans and dialers. Scans all critical system areas,memory, emails and files.
– Simple to use: Very intuitive user interface, no previousknowledge required. Configuration with slider controls thatautomatically display the settings.
– Low system load: You won’t notice it’s there so you’ll never feeltempted to turn your protection off.
– Daily updates: The virus signatures are updated several times aday and the program checks for updates automatically every hour ifyou want. A high-speed server prevents update delays.
ยท Multiple scan modes: Automatic protection while you are workingplus manual scans and scheduled scans performed automatically.
– Quarantine: Move infected or suspicious files to a lockedquarantine area where they can’t do any damage.
– Windows Explorer integration: Adds an option with which you canscan files for viruses directly in Windows Explorer.

Installer Size: 235 MB

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