Download Wow! Tonal Equalizer v1.1.005 for Photoshop Crack


Software Description:

Wow! is an exclusive Photoshop extension that improves yourimages with a magical combination of sharpening, shape andsmoothing we call this the Wow! TonalEqualizer.
Wow! adds style, image sharpness and three-dimensionality togetherwith incredibly smooth transitions. Use our easy presets with justone button, or take full control with the high quality live previewto add and remove details by tweaking our five dedicated sliders.Wow! is versatile enough to add powerful and personal style toportraits or transform landscapes and product shots from ordinaryto breathtaking.

Here are some key features of “Wow! TonalEqualizer”:
– Five detail scales working independently with positive (addcontrast sharpening and local contrast) and negative (removecontrast and smooth) values.
– Works on 8,16 and 32bit files
– New wawelet based algorithm.
– Multi CPU accelerated.
– Modern CPU optimized code compatible with SSE4 and later.
– 32bit color depth internal processing.

Installer Size: 14.49 MB

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