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ScreenShots: Software Description: Registry First Aid scans and corrects registryerrors. Your WindowsВ® registry will be always clean and correct.Registry First Aid scans registry for orphan file/folderreferences, invalid font references, obsolete Start Menu items,invalid fonts, shared DLLs, application paths and more… RegistryFirst Aid finds these files or folders on your drives that may havebeen moved from

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ScreenShots: Software Description: HWiNFO is an advanced software application thatdiagnoses your computer’s hardware and software configuration tofind out its capabilities. It can also be set to benchmark thesystem. No installation requiredThere is no setup pack involved, which makes HWiNFO portable. Youcan drop the executable file in any part of the hard disk and justclick it

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Easy Backup: Abelssoft Backup reliably savesyour work and data. Define what for data you want to be saved onlyonce. Abelssoft Backup will keep your backups up to dateautomatically. Abelssoft Backup saves your data reliably Create a backupSelect the files to backup, and a title for the backup jop. Themost common file types

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ScreenShots: Software Description: IUWEshare Any Data Recovery Wizard is areliable & safe data rescue tool to recover lost, deleted, orinaccessible data from PC, laptop, hard drive, digital device,storage media, server, RAID due to deleting, formatting, OS crash,improper operation, virus infection, partition loss or otherunknown reasons. It provides windows users the best way to get anylost

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ScreenShots: Software Description: PDFs, pictures or e-mails – you can now conveniently archiveeverything you need with Abelssoft EverDoc. Simplyprint the desired document and it will automatically be filed inthe background without additional work, Quick and easy access toyour documents via full text search and different sort methods(name, date, keyword), EverDoc includes the possibility to createand

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Magic Partition Software for Windows PC. System C drive becomesfull and no free space to install Updates or applications? Don’tworry, NIUBI Partition Editor Professional Editionhelps you solve this problem easily. Better than other utilities,this magic partition manager software integrated unique Roll-Backdata protection technology, which is able to automatically rollback computer to the

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ScreenShots: Software Description: PCBooster tweaks your PC to ensure topperformance for a specific type of task, be it gaming, documentwork or something else. Whether you use your home PC for watchingmovies or online videos, calling your family or friends via Skypeor another similar program, browsing the web or using instantmessengers, we have included a HOME

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ScreenShots: Software Description: CPUBalance is a lightweight tool that uses thecompany’s ProBalance technology to monitor and prevent runningprocesses from hogging the processor, in order to improve thesystem’s response time. This application can be run standalone oralong with Process Lasso, enhancing its existing ProBalancefeature. Monitor running processes to block CPU hogsFollowing a speedy installation that shouldn’t

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ScreenShots: Software Description: Extend any partition without data loss? DownloadIM-Magic Partition Resizer, the free partitionmagic software to help expand, move, shrink, and merge partitionswithout destroying the data. It only requires a few clicks from youto command the program move the fences to rearrange the diskpartition territory and keep your files untouched. Extend Windows Server Partition:–

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