Presentation of the site 'jyvsoft.com' dedicated to the software GenNSaga

This site briefly presents GenNSaga, very powerful genealogy software, very intuitive and easy to use, to realize the genealogy of a family (with collateral branches, related, ...) enhanced as much as possible by the saga of each individual, his detailed story. This site shows only a few windows of GenNSaga. The easiest way to enjoy it is to discover it directly, thanks to its download: this software is free.

As GenNSaga (pronounce Gen and Saga) is written in two languages ​​(English and French), completely (the software itself, but also the user manual and the tutorial). "jyvsoft.com", this site, is also written in the same two languages. The flags of the upper band can be used to change the language if it is not the right.

At top of this page (and also at the bottom), you see navigation links on the site. Their name is pretty self explanatory. They provide access to:

1- Pages showing copies of GenNSaga windows to give an overview of what you can find and what you can do. These pages are filled from the Tutorial Genealogy, the genealogy of an imaginary family.

- The Welcome Page allows you to select the preferred language for the software, and allows you to enter the password protecting all data.
- The Main Page lists all the individuals in genealogy, and gives access to all features of the software.
- The Personal Sheet of an individual allows to enter a lot of information conventionally defined, but also to see and access the saga, text file in free format.
- The Family Sheet shows three generations, parents, siblings, spouse (s), child (ren), with portrait of each. From this window you can, by simple clicks, visually explore the entire genealogy.
- A Family Tree is made of small frames with the main information of each individual. The favorite Portrait of this individual appears when you hover his name.
- The integrated word processor allows editing (in a homogeneous structure) of the Saga of each individual (each life is always extraordinary), with the possibility of various pictures.
- Album includes all the portraits for an individual. You can easily move them, and correct errors of dates...
- In the window to create a Portrait, you extract this one from an original photo. You can even improve lighting and contrast.
- The Help window (either User Manual either Tutorial) can be left open permanently, which, thanks to a special mechanism, does not trouble the visual of other windows. The Language for each of these helps can be chosen independently.

2- Specific pages of the site jyvsoft.com:

- Introduction Page of this website briefly gives at everyone the interest to create his genealogy and to use GenNSaga which is a very simple and powerfull software.

  - Presentation page (this page) shows some significant pages of this site, extracted mostly from GenNSaga software.

- Download page allows to download and install the GenNSaga software on a windows computer.
- The SiteMap shows the site pages in french and the corresponding pages in english

You can navigate this site by clicking on the thumbnails above, or on the menus at the top or bottom, and / or navigate from page to page in the order of the site, simply by clicking on the small arrows at the bottom of page: