Why get into genealogy with GenNSaga

Many individuals are interested in their roots (up to 60% in France), for whatever reasons. Here are a few.

Instinctive approach

Genealogy allows to

In the modern world, geographical dispersion, often due to job, leads one lives far away from each others, and memory fades. Fortunately, the mail (letters, emails) with photos can limit this, if you are well ordered... and have a convenient and easy tool to organize your photos and memories of life of each.
And then, little by little, genealogy allows to expand the family with whom we keep relationships, reconnecting with those who are no longer attending.
With pictures exchanged, one discovers family relatives unknown, and the desire comes, of course, to know more.

It is clear that a software allowing, without effort, to link names, dates, texts, photos can help greatly, especially if it has, for that, user-friendly tools.
GenNSaga, free genealogy software, simple but powerful, meets these needs.

Identity approach

You can complete the previous approach, if desired, with identity considerations:

This is evident because of the education given, and the living environment of each generation.
This is also true in the field of health, which is why genetic predisposition (heredity) should certainly be more taken into account in families.

GenNSaga easily allows the identification of all these factors, for those who want to treat them.

Historical approach

To better understand History, and find it pleasant, we can try to represent a period of one country through the genealogy of a family (at least a little) known on the Internet. It is amazing to see that from the documents that can be chained by their references on the internet, we can build genealogies, not necessarily exhaustive (limited to branches that seem interesting), very pictorial, and that illuminate History unexpectedly. For convenience, you can choose eg BOURBON in France, or WINDSOR in England. But many families can be exciting!

Again, GenNSaga helps a lot, thanks to his Saga tool. But this tool is equally applicable to all families.

Quick tips

A genealogy usually starts from an individual we know well, which allows progress fast enough in construction.

We can want to do only the genealogy of the close family and realize a beautiful genealogy, with a lot of information and photos.

We may also want to go back as much as possible in the time. How to do? The municipal, departmental, national archives... exist. Think that, increasingly, archives are scanned, indexed and published on the Net. This greatly facilitates research. See for example the site "Mémoire des Hommes" (data base of died for France during World War I, not just the french dead but the dead for France from all countries), edited by the French Ministry of Defense.