Helps in GenNSaga

Help to the user consists of two very different Helps:
- a General Help on all the features of the Program. Most windows are interspersed with small buttons clicking on the relevant topic. The image below shows one of the many topics;

Image of General Help

- a Tutorial, didactic and pictorially, which gives step by step a good grip of the Program. It is based on a special Genealogy: the Tutorial Genealogy.

These two helps are available in English and French.
It should be noted that the choice of the language of each type of help is independent of the choice of another, and more, independent of the choice of the Program language. These choices are made from the Language menu in the Main Window.

When help is shown, windows of variable size shows not only the classical maximum magnification button, but also a special maximum expansion button: the window size expansion is then limited to not infringe on the help window. This is a very interesting feature when the tutorial is used.