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Ntfs Drive Protection 1.5.0The Name Of The Small And Very Professional Software Is To LockFlash Memory And Prevent Them From Viralization. Flash Memory GivesUsers The Ability To Transfer A Bunch Of Data From One Computer ToA Laptop Or Vice Versa, Here You Can Insert A Flash Disk Into AComputer That Is Full Of Malicious Viruses. ! By Doing This, YouWill Quickly Import The Virus Into Other Systems, Thus You YourselfWill Infect The Computer System With Malicious Viruses And ItsMalicious Effects Will Remain In Your System For A Long Time. NtfsDrive Protection Gives You The Ability To Permanently Protect YourFlash Memory By Locking The Flash Drive, Once Again, Your FlashDrive Will Never Be Viral!

The Ntfs Drive Protection SoftwareDoes This By Deactivating Writing And Changing Rooftop Flash MemoryFiles. In Fact, This Limitation Makes Any Virus Unable To NavigateTo Flash Memory; Of Course, That Means You Will No Longer Be AbleTo Copy New Information In Your Flash Disk, But The Key Point AndWinner Of The Ntfs Drive Software Protection With Other SimilarTools Is That With The Help Of This Software You Can Create ASpecial Non-protected Folder In A Flash Disk That Can Be Read AndWritten. Even If This Folder Is Infected With The Virus, OtherParts Of Your Flash Drive Will Be Completely Secure And Will NotInfect The Viruses. You Can Now Get The Latest Version Of NtfsDrive Protection From The Yas Website.



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