Planet Jupiter 3D Screensaver v1.1 + Full Crack

Jupiter is twice as massive as all the other planets of theSolar system combined. At the same time it rotates faster than anyother planet. Colorful latitudinal bands, atmospheric clouds andstorms illustrate Jupiter’s dynamic weather systems.
When viewed through a modern telescope, the flattened disk ofJupiter has a pearly color with bands of pastel browns and blues.But you will get a much better view if you download this awesomescreensaver

Here are some key features of “Planet Jupiter 3DScreensaver”:
– Full 3D environment
– Photo-realistic colourful graphics
– Relaxing space music
– Digital Clock
– FPS counter
– Hear the call of the universe!
– Great variety of fascinating space scenes!
– Enjoy the fascinating view of the largest planet in the SolarSystem!

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