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Software Description: PDE Solutions FlexPDE v7.07 Crack

From stress analysis to chemical reaction kinetics to stockoption pricing, mathematical modeling of real world systems isdominated by partial differential equations.FlexPDE addresses the mathematical basis of allthese fields by treating the equations rather than the application.Why buy a separate software product for each of your mathematicalmodeling problems, when one product can solve them all?

FlexPDE does not merely pass a translation on to some otherpackage for processing. In fact, FlexPDE is designed to be thepackage other applications call for processing.

Imagine being able to type in your partial differential equationssystem, add a description of the problem domain, and instantlyconvert this problem specification into a sophisticated finiteelement model, including:
– One, two or three space dimensions
– Automatic mesh construction
– Time dependent, steady-state or eigenvalues.
– Flexible integrated graphical output
– Dynamic adaptive mesh refinement
– Dynamic timestep control
– Nonlinear equation solver
– Unlimited equation complexity
– Unlimited number of simultaneous equations
– Multiple Equation Sets
– Complex, Vector and Array Variables and Equations
– Regionally Inactive Variables
– Arbitrary Lagrange/Eulerian moving mesh
– Export capability for 3rd-party visualizations
– Multithreading support for multi-core processors
– CAD surface mesh import facility
– Parameter optimizer

Installer Size: 39 MB

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