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The development of SharePoint applications focuses on thecreation of solutions for communication and collaboration. For thisreason it can be considered a specialized area of expertise inwhich experience is an advantage and having the right tools for thejob a must.

Those who are on the lookout for a software solution to help thembuild such web-based applications, share and manage them, one ofthe possible choices is to go with Microsoft SharePointDesigner.

This is a professional utility that comes fully equipped forproviding all the instruments that are required in the developmentof SharePoint sites. The interface is quite nice looking and easyenough to use even by those who take their first steps in thisactivity.

Creating new sites begins with the type targeted for generation,which can be either a new blank one or a new subsite that will beadded to an existing site. Microsoft SharePoint Designer offerssome templates as well, but should you need more, it is possible toadd other ones, maybe some of those which you created.

When working on the design of your project, you have at yourdisposal several many tools and commands to add the needed parts,manage workflows or add users and user groups. Depending on theinstalled browser, you can preview the site to check for eventualproblems before publishing it.

The numerous customizations that Microsoft SharePoint Designermakes available will enable you to configure in detail the pageeditor settings, so tweaking IntelliSense, code snippets andformatting, automatic thumbnail generation and more can be done onthe spot.

All things considered, this software solution is well prepared toaccommodate the needs of any user, experienced or beginner insofaras SharePoint site creation is concerned.

Here are some key features of “Microsoft SharePointDesigner”:
– Create high-impact reports:
Tools such as calculated fields, conditional formatting, andsorting, grouping, and filtering capabilities help you createhigh-impact reports in the form of Data Views. For example, you canapply conditional formatting to a Data View so that items in yourinventory are highlighted when they drop below a specific numberand need to be reordered.

– Collaborate more efficiently with the built-inWorkflow Designer:
You can associate conditions and actions with tasks, lists, anddocument libraries to automate communications that are specific toyour needs. For example, you can create a workflow to automaticallyroute documents that are posted to the site for approval. With theWorkflow Designer, you can refine the approval routing to actionsthat are based on the document being approved or rejected, or incase recipients are out of the office and have delegated theirresponsibilities to a colleague.

– Apply SharePoint Application Templates:
You can use built-in application Web sites such as Expense andReimbursement Tracking and Absence and Vacation Management to shareinformation more effectively. Each template is fully customizableand extensible by using Office SharePoint Designer 2007. (You canfind links to more examples of application Web sites in the SeeAlso section. These applications are for Microsoft WindowsSharePoint Services 2.0. Applications for Microsoft WindowsSharePoint Services 3.0 will be available in the future.)

– Build interactive ASP.NET pages:
You can create ASP.NET pages and insert custom ASP.NET controls byusing the same powerful on-control activity menus and controlproperty grid found in development tools such as Microsoft VisualStudio 2005.

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