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USB Raptor0.0.3.49 The Name Of The Security Software Is Very IdealFor Locking On A Computer Using A Flash Disk. Since There Is AlwaysThe Possibility Of Hacking Letter And Numeric Passwords, How AboutOnce To Try The Hack Solution For The Last Time? USB Raptor Is ASoftware That Can Lock Or Unlock Your Computer Based On Flash Disk!If You’ve Ever Worked With Massive Professional Software Packages,You’re Probably Also Familiar With Their USB Anchor Dongles. InFact, USB Raptor Software Uses This Process To Ensure The SecurityOf Your System.

USB Raptor Works So That If The USBFlash Drive Is Connected To One Of The Computer’s Ports, TheComputer System Will Be Unlocked And Usable. If The Flash IsDisconnected From The Computer, The Computer Will Be LockedImmediately. If You Also Need An Automatic Method To Lock/unlockYour Computer System, We Recommend Using The Powerful USB RaptorHardware Lock. You Can Now Download The Latest Version Of USBRaptor From The Yas Website.



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