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is the only software solution dedicated to texturing, allowingto boost productivity and create high quality maps for nextgeneration 3D pipelines

Multi-channel, non-linear and non destructive workflow, 3D views,baking maps directly from the mesh, layering system, advancedvector painter, powerful noise creation system (FX Maps), resourcesmanagement: all you need to efficiently create high qualitytextures, centralized in only one tool.

Thanks to the Substance technology, your textures become smart andcan automatically adapt to your mesh by exposing parameters. Thoseparameters can then be tweaked directly within your compatible gameengine or DCC application: no need to go back and forth betweendifferent software to fine tune your textures, saving you a lot ofproduction time.

With the ability to create smart filters, SubstanceDesigner allows you to create your own powerful tools:build a filter within the Graph Editor, and share it with yourteam! Substances can be used directly within DCC tools such as3dsmax and Maya, into game engines such as Unity 3D or UE3, or, asa standalone, within our free Substance Player, those filters cansignificantly improve your productivity without modifying yourpipeline.

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