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Software Description: Aeon Timeline v2.2.6 Crack

Aeon Timeline is the timeline tool for creativethinking. Most traditional timeline applications are designed tosuit a single need: to create an attractive display of one-dimensional time. They are presentational, static, and perfectlysuited to overhead slides and projectors.

More than just a timeline
Track all the information that matters
Aeon Timeline is more than a series of events on a never endingline. With Aeon, you can divide your timeline into logical groups,projects, or concurrent arcs. You can model the relationshipsbetween events and people, places and ideas. Aeon calculatespeople’s ages for you. And you can link your events with researchmaterial such as external files or images that can be displayedinside the application.

Ultimate Flexibility
Configure timelines to suit your needs
Select the timeline style you want, from standard events with fixeddates to relative dates counting hours, days, or weeks from anominal zero. Decide what precision you want to use for each event,from complete date/time down to an entire year. And if the standardcalendars are not enough for you, you can create your own customFantasy Calendars and define your own eras, months, andweekdays.

Direct Data Manipulation
Add, drag and edit events on-the-fly
We care about how you use the timeline, not just how it looks. Mosttimeline applications are static tools designed for presentationrather than creation. With Aeon, you can navigate your timeline,add events with a double click, and then drag them around thetimeline or between arcs with ease. Text can be edited in-placedirectly on the timeline, and images can be added to events viadrag and drop.

Hide Complex Data
Focus on what is important to you now
The only thing more important than capturing all of your complexdata is not letting it distract you from your current task. WithAeon, you can filter events according to people, places, arcs,labels and tags. Zoom out to a wide view of your whole timeline, orzoom in to view the time scale you are currently working on. TheContext Bar at the bottom will ensure you never get lost.

Data Interoperability
Import, export, print and synchronize
We know that your timeline is a tool to help you in another task,be it writing a novel, planning a project, or researching a case.Printing and image exporting allow you to capture your entire file,or just what is visible on the screen. Our text-based importing andexporting allows you to move data into and out of otherapplications. And for writers, Aeon Timeline can sync your timelinedata directly with your Scrivener 2 project.

Installer Size: 65.12 MB

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