Raidcall v7.3.0 Crack Serial

RaidCall is a handy, easy to use voice chatapplication for groups. It is mainlly intended for gaming but itcan be used for any kind of activity.
Raidcall is specifically designed for group communication,especially for games requiring tight teamwork such as FPS andMMORPG games. It can provide clear voice quality with low latency,with no need to rent servers or set up a server yourself. Raidcallmakes group communication easier

Here are some key features of “Raidcall”:
Powerful Overlay:
– Raidcall Overlay is a built-in Flash-based engine which enablesyou to freely use Raidcall within any game. You may chat, talk, andeven watch walkthrough videos without ever having to leave thegame.

Social Network:
– You can meet plenty of new friends in the Raidcall network, oruse Raidcall to track down your buddies.

Crisp & Smooth Audio Quality:
– Raidcall relies on the most popular and powerful audio-engine,Speex, to effectively reduce noise and promote audio quality.Raidcall offers near-perfect audio communication within yourgame.

Minimum Latency:
– Raidcall utilizes UDP as communication protocol, thereforesignificantly shortens delay when compared to the TCP Protocol usedby other VoiP systems. With advanced packet recovery Algorithm,Raidcall offers real-time voice-chat for your game, allowing yourteam to communicate with greater efficiency and Precision.

Light & Fast:
– Raidcall is swift and light. The installation file is only 1.5MB.The software only takes up 10MB of RAM and 0.77-1.55% of your CPUresource. Raidcall is designed to be as fast and slick as possibleso your game may run smoother and FASTER.

Privacy/Authorization Schemes:
– Raidcall is pre-built with different Privacy Setting andAuthorization Schemes that allows you to assign different authorityto different characters based on channels. This feature is designedto help you to better manage your guild and team.

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