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Software Description:

ChessOK Aquarium is a revolutionary analysis,database and chess publishing tool, fully compatible with theworld’s strongest chess playing engines, including Houdini 4.ChessOK Aquarium combines an easy-to-navigate interface withadvanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerfulchess trees, playing against the computer, databases, advancedpublishing options and many other features.

One of its unique features, Interactive Deep Analysis, is themost advanced chess analysis method available today. The purpose ofIDeA is to analyze a position deeply and return as much informationabout it as possible to enable the user to get a betterunderstanding of the nuances of any position. Its unique approachmakes it an essential weapon in the arsenal of every serious playerand analyst!

ChessOK Aquarium was developed by Convekta Ltd, widely known forsuch famous programs as Chess Assistant and CT-ART. Those of youwho never used Aquarium should definitely consider trying out thismost advanced chess interface.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Despite having numerous functions and customization options,Aquarium is easy to use navigate – thanks to a modern interfaceemploying the Ribbon – an element you may be familiar with from thelatest Microsoft Office products and some other modern programs. Itprovides means to make all options easily accessible withoutlimiting the number of options.

Infinite Analysis Trees
One of the unique features of Aquarium is that it stores yourinfinite analysis results. If you run into the same position, evenin a different database and even if it came up through a differentmove order, you can see that you have analyzed it before. Besidesexamining the result you can insert the variation and evaluationinto the game you are currently viewing. You can also add a columnwith the infinite analysis tree to a tree configuration, so you canalways see the evaluation of the different moves in the treewindow.

Interactive Deep Analysis (IDeA)
IDeA is one of the most advanced methods available for analyzingchess positions. In fact, it is more of an analysis environmentrather than a simple analysis feature. Similar to “infiniteanalysis,” IDeA continues analyzing until you decide to stop it;however, the similarities end there.Instead of analyzing the sameposition forever, IDeA behaves like a strong chess player analyzinga position. If you ever studied Kotov’s Think Like a Grandmaster,you no doubt remember his well known advice to identify candidatemoves and methodically examine them to build an “analysis tree.”This is how IDeA works.
The purpose of IDeA is to dig deeply into a position and return asmuch information about it as possible. IDeA keeps its analysis in atree structure which is unlimited in size and the user can browseat will, even while the analysis is in progress.
Besides having a live view of how the analysis is evolving the usercan also direct the analysis into the most interesting positions byexcluding or adding positions and variations to the analysisqueue.In short IDeA is a highly selective search controlled byAquarium (and by the Aquarium user). Interesting lines are analyzeddeeply but weak moves are only considered briefly or not atall.There is no doubt that Interactive Deep Analysis is a verypowerful tool in the hands of the serious chess player.

Integration of IDeA and Infinite Analysis
The biggest news introduced in Aquarium is the improved integrationof IDeA and infinite analysis. The first steps in this directionwere taken in Aquarium 4. The most important of those was theintroduction of IDeA game links (see IDeA Master Trees and IDeAGame Links), which added a new level of convenience by creating an”analysis center” where IDeA is accessible along with otherAquarium analysis tools such as infinite analysis, without the needto switch back and forth between the game and IDeA.
Aquarium takes the integration one step further by sending infiniteanalysis results automatically to the IDeA queue or even directlyto the IDeA project tree without the need to re-analyze thepositions in IDeA. This means that if you run infinite analysis ina game linked to a project, the variations produced by the enginewill be compared to the positions in the project tree; and if theyhaven’t been analyzed, they will be sent to IDeA.
For the Infinite Analysis Users The infinite Analysis in Aquariumis as solid as ever. In fact the users that gain most from theimproved analysis features in Aquarium 2016 are those who useinfinite analysis. With the improvements in Aquarium 2016 you canautomatically keep track of all your infinite analysis broken downby chess engine. If you want to check a previously analyzedposition at a later time, you can see how it was evaluated by eachof the chess engines used to analyze the position.
Even if you prefer infinite analysis and never use IDeA, additionaloptions give you a good reason to look into IDeA once more. At noextra cost in time you will get a tool to monitor your infiniteanalysis and permanently record the results in a way that makesthem easy to access and view in the Tree window.
After some brief customization IDeA will not generate any positionson its own and the only positions it will process are positionsthat you send to it, either manually or automatically from infiniteanalysis using one of the options described above. In this case youwould add the infinite analysis positions directly to the projecttree.

ChessOK Playing Club
The ChessOK Playing Club (also known as Chess Planet or ChessOKPlaying Zone) client is included in the basic Aquarium installationpackage.
ChessOK Playing Club is a chess server where you can play opponentsall over the world for free. Besides offering the usualtime-controls for shorter games, this site has great support forcorrespondence chess with new tournaments starting all the time.New in this version is support for Fischerandom or Chess960games.
Most its features are completelty free, but buying Aquarium alsogets you one year of free membership in ChessOK Playing Zone.

I’ve been looking at the CAP analysis that comes with Aquarium2016. For those who are not familiar with the CAP project, it is achess tree (position database) with chess engine evaluation offifty-five million positions. Each position is analyzed for oneminute and the results are minimaxed. IDeA users will probablyrealize that the quality of such analysis can be quite good and ingeneral the CAP evaluations after the early opening seem to reflectthe possibilities of both sides quite well.
One of the features of the Aquarium 2016 CAP database is theanalysis of the first twenty-five moves of all high-ratedcorrespondence games from the ICCF game archive. Therefore, it isworth keeping an eye on the CAP scores while browsing thegames.
Naturally, a high rated correspondence player can’t rely entirelyon CAP evaluations when selecting moves. Move selection incorrespondence games requires much deeper analysis. However, a keyfactor in modern correspondence chess is to find positions that areinitially evaluated favorably by chess engines, but can be shown tobe dangerous after deep and careful analysis. CAP can be helpful inpicking out such positions.

Installer Size: 608.76 MB

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