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Easypano Studio Ultimate is a software suitethat includes Panoweaver Professional for stitching high qualityspherical/cylindrical panoramas and Tourweaver Professional forcreating interactive virtual tours with rich Flash features andGoogle Maps.

Panoweaver is a professional photo stitching tool, which canstitch any types of photos into high quality full 360 degree orpartial panoramic images. It supports HDR creation and manualstitching for inserting matching points. Output formats includeHTML5 VR (iPhone & iPad), Full screen Flash VR (based on html),QTVR, standalone swf, and Java based player.

As a professional and powerful virtual tour creating tool,Tourweaver introduces Google Maps support, various virtual toureffects, Standalone Swf virtual tour, as well as HTML5 tour foryour iPhone & iPad.

Here are some key features of “Easypano StudioUltimate”:
Fisheye photo stitching:
– Stitch circular, drum type, and full frame fisheye photos intofull 360 spherical panoramas, which can be easily imported intoTourweaver to create a great virtual tour.

Normal & wide-angle photo stitching:
– Stitch multiple rows of photos, taken either by normal digitalcamera or wide angle lens. Full 360 degree or partial panorama canboth be stitched.

HDR panorama stitching:
– Create HDR image from Bracket exposure or directly from CameraRAW files. This feature is supported in Professional and Batcheditions.

Hotspot in panorama:
– Insert hotspots in panorama and add actions to them. Supportedactions include linking to Pop Up Image and linking to URL.

Context Menu Website link:
– You can set your own website link in the right click contextmenu.

Immersive panorama publishing:
– Panorama publishing formats include
– Html based Flash VR, QuickTime movie (*.mov), standalone swf(*.swf), and Easypano virtual tour player (Java platform needed),HTML5 panorama for iPhone, iPad
– HTML 5 format support

Tripod Removing:
– Convert panorama to cubic one and then remove triopd from yourpanorama.

PWBlend and SmartBlend:
– The two blenders help to create a seamless overlap betweenimages

Background music:
– Insert Background sound to panorama. Supported sound format is*.mp3.

Output six cube faces for cubic panorama:
– When saving a cubic panorama, you can also convert it to 6 cubeface images.

Swf progress bar:
– Loading progress bar for panorama can be customized. Swf progressbar can be applied.

Tool bar setting:
– Buttons like print, emailto, show help and play sound can beadded to sceneviewer.

Scenes and Maps:
– All types of panoramas and still images are supported for scene.Multiple maps can be added.

Control buttons:
– Apply Buttons and Movie controller to control the virtual tourplaying progress, and interact with the tour by using actions.Speed Controller, Sound Controller and Compass

Media components:
– Flash and Video can be used to show rich content.

– Cool effects like lens flare, and weather effects like snow andrain are introduced.

Loading Window customization:
– Apply swf progress bar and preloading image to virtual tour.

Virtual tour formats:
– Flash VR (based on html), standalone exe and swf virtual tourscan all be created.

Google Maps:
– Locate your panoramas on Google Map.

Selection tool:
– Normal and Flash thumbnails, Listbox and Combobox can list someor all the virtual tour scenes for selection view.

Description components:
– Use Text, Image and TextArea to show information about the tourand its contents.

Hotspot and Radar:
– Add hotspot including polygonal hotspot on scenes and maps toachieve various actions. Radars can indicate the location of thescene on map.

Popup Window:
– Display virtual tour components in a popup window.

Customization of right-click menu:
– Company Name and website url can be added to right-click menu ofthe virtual tour.

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