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Turn any text into audio with natural sounding voices.Text Speaker can read your documents aloud in aclear, human-sounding voice, or you can convert them into MP3 filesfor listening anywhere.
Text Speaker supports speaking in English, French, German, Spanish,Polish, and Romanian languages. Now you can hear documents spokenin your native language.
Have the computer “read aloud” any text on your screen. When you’reproofreading, hearing the words aloud makes it easy to catch commontyping errors. You can adjust the pitch, reading speed, andpronunciation to make the perfect listening experience.

Add background audio of your choice. When converting a documentinto an audio file, Text Speaker can play an MP3 file in thebackground along with the text it reads. Background audio adds areal professional touch!
Since Text Speaker has word processing features, you can create andedit documents without the need for any other program. You can evenedit and save Microsoft Word documents without needing a copy ofWord installed.

Here are some key features of “TextSpeaker”:
– Listen to any text as spoken words
– Convert text into WAV or MP3 files for later listening
– Open and read Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), RTF, HTML, and TXTfiles
– Add background music to spoken words
– Choose from a wide assortment of free voices, or purchase qualityprofessional voices
– Adjust reading speed, pitch, and pronunciation

Installer Size: 18.39 MB

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