Corel PaintShop Pro X8 v18.1.0.67 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description:

This digital photography toolkit is the ideal choice for anyaspiring photographer, making it easy to process, edit, enhance andcreate professional-quality photos.
Instantly fix common flaws with just one-click. Get creative withartistic effects and filters.
Plus, explore a full range of advanced editing tools to get theexact look you want. Once you’ve created the perfect photo, choosefrom a variety of fun projects to share them with family &friends.

Here are some key features of “Paint Shop Pro PhotoUltimate”:
– Express Lab
This all-new, super-fast photo fixing mode is amazing! You’ll savehours of time with the Express Lab, because now you can edit dozensof photos in the time it used to take to edit just a few! Justthink how easy it will be to breeze through folders full of photos- cropping, rotating, removing red eye, and straightening, -without having to wait for each individual photo to open.
That’s only a small taste of the photo fixing you can do in the NEWExpress Lab. We can tell you how it helps you fly through viewingand fixing your photos, but to truly understand the power of theNEW Express Lab you have to experience it for yourself.

– Graphite Workspace Theme
Not only is Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 packed with all-new features,it looks different too. As soon as you launch the program, you’llsee the NEW Graphite Workspace Theme. This darker theme reallymakes your photos stand out! And for people who don’t like change,you can switch back to the classic interface with just a fewclicks.

– HDR Photo Merge
With NEW HDR Photo Merge you can easily create photos that give youfull detail in the shadows and the highlights of your photos. HDRPhoto Merge helps you combine two or more photos taken at differentexposures, and then automatically dodge and burn to bring out thecontrast.

– Layer Styles
With the NEW Layer Styles you can easily add drop shadows,embossing, outer and inner glows, bevels and even reflections toyour text, photos and creative projects. The best part of these newLayer Styles is if you make any changes to the layer the effect isautomatically changed to match.

– Visible Watermarks
Whether you’re a professional photographer or someone who wants toshare your photos online, it’s a good idea to add a discretewatermark that reminds those viewing your pictures who thephotographer was. With the NEW Visible Watermarks feature you caneasily create and add a personal watermark to all your photos.

– Picture Tubes & Picture Frames
Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 includes over 30 brand-new,professionally-designed Picture Tubes and 30 new Picture Frames!Plus for people who upgrade to Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, there’s anexclusive set of all-new, never seen before Picture Tubes andPicture Frames just for you.

– Black & White Film Conversion
This feature lets you create dynamic black & white photos bysimulating the effects of shooting black & white film withcolored filters.
Now you can select from a virtually infinite range of colorcombinations where before you could chose from pre-chosen colorfilters. This gives you the full creative control of the ChannelMixer command, but in a far simpler interface. Plus you can adjustbrightness and apply Clarify to further enhance the black &white effect.

– Makeover Tools
Paint Shop Pro Photo’s Makeover Tools give you a set ofprofessional retouching tools that are easy to use. This year we’veadded two new features to your toolbox: NEW Thinify, which makesthe people in your photos look thinner with just a click, and NewEye Drops that takes the red out of bloodshot eyes. In addition,improvements have also been made to the Blemish Remover and theSuntan Brush.

– Crop to New Image
For people who scan a lot of images, especially multiple images atonce, New Crop As New Image will save you time! Now you can clickCrop As New Image, and the cropped portion of your scan isautomatically opened in a new document. All you need to do is saveit.

Installer Size: 134 + 140 MB

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