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Software Description:

Visual Patch is a software development tool forbuilding application patches and updates. This binary patch makerfeatures DeltaMAX data compression for faster software deploymentand integration with software installation and patch managementtools from vendors like Installshield, Lumension, Patchlink,Shavlik, Indigo Rose and others.

Improve your software distribution and patch deployment systemswith this software patching tool designed for software developersand programmers. Visual Patch features state-of-the-art binarydifferencing and compression algorithms. This ensures you smallerand better performing software patches.

The algorithms used by Visual Patch were developed specifically fortheir impressive speed characteristics. Whereas software patchingwas once a notoriously slow and cumbersome process, companieschoosing Visual Patch have a distinct advantage. Unlike some otherproducts, Visual Patch’s full-history patching ability can updateany version of your software to the latest release.

You have full control over which versions of your software can bepatched with a single executable. Your users won’t have to worryabout finding multiple patches and applying them in the correctorder as they would if you used other, less sophisticated patchbuilders.

Visual Patch is a revolutionary upgrade with dozens of powerful newfeatures being added. At the core is the same amazing Lua-basedscripting engine found in other Indigo Rose software developmenttools (like Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, MSI Factory and AutoPlayMedia Studio).

The all new visual theme system allows you complete control overthe look and feel of your end product including images, controls,and fonts. No other tool provides the same level of performance andease of use.

Here are some key features of “Visual Patch”:
– Fast & Easy – Visual Patch’s point and click design takes thedifficulty out of building even the most sophisticated patches.
– Binary Differencing – Other tools can stall out on files as smallas 40 MB. Visual Patch can make quick work of gigabyte sizedfiles.

– DeltaMAX Technology – State-of-the-art binary differencingcompression creates the smallest possible patch files in less timethan ever before.

– Full-History Patches – Update any previous version of yoursoftware to the latest release with one patch file. Dramaticallysimplifies the patching process for users. Intelligent full-historypatching algorithms can update multiple older versions to thelatest release from a single patch file.

– Version Management – Quickly and easily add, remove and organizeall your product versions using the drag and drop workspace. Makesit easy to manage all your software releases from oneenvironment.

– Project Wizard – Walks you through the creation of a professionalsoftware patch complete with customized dialogs, multiple methodsof version detection and rollback.

– Data Security – Unlike a full software installer, patch filescontain only the data needed to update older versions – making themideal for public website distribution. Data security and integrityis ensured through a combination of 128-bit MD5 hashing, CRC-32checksums and encryption standards.

– Script Control – A powerful scripting engine with more than 250high-level actions gives unprecedented control over the softwarepatching system. Features everything from registry editing to webscript interaction, file downloads and more.
– Customizable Interface – A library of over twenty differentscreens (plus graphical skinning system) makes it easy to controlthe user interface of your patches.

– Multilingual – A unique language selector is included on eachscreen dialog, making it easy to create multilingual userinterfaces and modify translations at will.
– Silent Mode – Supports the creation of both fully-interactive”wizard based” patches or completely automatic “silent”patches.

– Authenticode – Codesign your patches with integrated support forAuthenticode certificates signing.

– Unattended Builds – Visual Patch fits seamlessly into yourautomated build processes with features like build constants andpre/post build processes.

– Reports and Logs – Improved HTML-based project reports andtext-based install-time log files give you an accurate record ofyour patch. New options let you control the level of detail beinglogged, including options for recording errors and script executiondetails.

– Themes & Skins – Choose from dozens of pre-made themes(skins) for your dialogs or make your own. It’s as easy as viewinga live dialog preview and picking your favorite style. Configureeverything from fonts and banner images to body/backgroundgraphics, control colors and more.

– Integrates with TrueUpdate – Visual Patch is an integralcomponent of Indigo Rose’s software deployment suite. For acomplete and fully integrated end-to-end solution, we’d recommendusing Visual Patch in conjunction with Setup Factory (softwareinstallation) and TrueUpdate (automated “check-for-update”feature).

– Rollback Protection – Automatically restores the originalapplication files if an error occurs or the user aborts thepatching process.

– World-Class Support – Indigo Rose stands behind its products witha refreshingly personal approach to technical support. We’ll treatyou like the valued customer that you are. And when you need fullconsulting services, we’ll work with you to ensure your project isdelivered on time and on budget.

– Best Value – Compare it to other tools. Visual Patch 3.0 is easyto use, provides next generation technology, has superior technicalsupport and is priced lower than competitive products

– Trusted – Indigo Rose Software products are trusted by over20,000 software developers worldwide where our runtimes ultimatelyreach millions of desktops.

Installer Size: 22.9 MB

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