Context Menu Editor v1.1 Crack Patch


Software Description:

The Right Click Menu or the Context Menu is the menu, whichappears when you right-click on the desktop or a file or folder inWindows. This menu gives you added functionality by offering youactions you can take with the item. Most programs like to stufftheir commands in this menu. While they can be useful, the problemis that even when you uninstall the programs, they fail to removethe respective context menu item, making the menu slow and appearcluttered. Context Menu Editors can help youmanage your right-click context menu items.

Here are some key features of “Context MenuEditor”:
– The ‘Extended’ feature allows the menu item to show up only whenyou press and hold the SHIFT key while right clicking
– You can remove the added menu items without going through theregistry, simply by going to the Remove tab, selecting the item andright clicking it and selecting Delete
– A list shows the list of all the menu items you have added whichalso shows the command and the Extended property
– The Information tab shows the system information and also theWinSAT Score

Installer Size: 0.1 MB

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